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Every person has a different reason to have cosmetic surgery. Our testimonial page gives you the opportunity to review some of Bella Vou's real patient stories and find out for yourself if cosmetic surgery will be the right choice for you!

At Bella Vou, we really value our patient's feedback. If you have had a cosmetic surgery procedure with us, we would love to hear from you!

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4.5 stars from 192 reviews.

Young Body but Jowls and Neck Lost Fat and Elasticity. – Tunbridge Wells, GB

Fed up with being told I look old because I'm slim. I've always had "big chops" and age and high activity took the fat and elasticity. I am a nutritionist so despite daily exercise and excellent nutrition no cream or laser could help me. However, Amir and his team had empathy, knowledge, experience and realism in their package. The dread of going home alone without a "hand to hold" or the security of a partner or friend they cared for me with absolute tenderness along with professionalism. I'm not a sycophant just respect the attention I have received both pre and post op. As for the result...well when you haven't told anybody you've had something done it brings a smile when people say. ,"you look amazing...what have you done?"



Facelift/Necklift – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I felt my face was starting to age, I wanted to gain a fresher more youthful look. After my consultation with Amir I was confident that this could be achieved. During my operation I was made to feel very relaxed by Amir and his team, and I was totally comfortable throughout. All the staff at the clinic have been very supportive before, during and after my procedure. It is now 5 weeks since my operation. Last week I met a beautician who I have known for some time, and she noticed straight away that I looked fresher in the face and she said I looked like I had been on holiday! My sister also commented on my younger appearance. It is lovely to be receiving these positive comments.



Facelift – London, GB

I arrived at Bella Vue washed and ready but of course rather nervous. I was given a warm welcome by Lisa and Kathryn who are Amir's right hand ladies. Amir explained very clearly the procedure and said that the injections may be a little uncomfortable but were manageable. This is to totally numb the area. I also had some lipsuction to my neck. I was beginning to show my mother's turkey neck and my big fear was that I should land up with the same look.


Branda Wiley

Thrilled with my Results! Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I underwent a face and neck lift by Mr Amir Nakhdjevani at the Bella Vou Pantiles clinic, having previously had a facelift many years ago. I was beginning to look tired and had lost volume from my cheeks so I wanted to look refreshed and rejuvenated and I wasn't disappointed. I am thrilled with my results and the care I received from beginning to end was second to none!. I look and feel like a million dollars so much so that I have gained the confidence again to have my first foreign holiday in a long time. My husband is also over the moon with the newly invigorated me!.



56 years old – London, GB

I am very cautious, particularly when it comes to having 'non medically essential' surgery. I had read some reviews about Mr Amir and overheard a couple of nurses at the McCindoe Centre saying how brilliant he was and how amazing his results were. I had wanted to have my eye bags treated for several years but was wary. After doing a little more research I discovered that Mr Amir can perform many of his cosmetic procedures under local anaesthetic and that is what sold it to me. I absolutely did not want a general anaesthetic. I had the procedure done at his clinic in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells and was massively impressed with the facilities, the cleanliness and the friendliness of his colleagues. Mr Amir himself is very easy going and relaxed and supremely confident and I can honestly say that at no time at all did I feel remotely anxious or nervous. I also appreciated the fact that he did not, at any stage, try to persuade me to have more done than I wanted. I chose to have a local anaesthetic and a sedative and my only wish is that the sedative was more readily available - it was like 2 bottles of champagne but without the hangover. During the surgery itself everyone was relaxed and joking - it was way better than a trip to the dentist. Mr Amir works with delicacy, speed and accuracy and you know you are in the hands of someone exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend him.



Something Just for Me! Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I have hated my jowls and chin profile for many years and now being in my 50's I wanted to correct things. I had been reluctant to have a general anaesthetic and so had taken no further. When I attended a presentation about the concept facelift under local anaesthetic I knew that was perfect for me.


bryony hamilton

58 Year Old Lecturer, Unhappy with Jowls and Saggy Neck

After a significant weight loss, when I had never felt so fit, well and happy with my figure and the joy of buying a new wardrobe, I found it was somewhat overshadowed by the toll the change had made on my face. I used to look young for my age and I now looked 58 and a tired one at that! It took me a few months, possibly 9 to really decide to do something about it.



Now the mirror reflects the age I feel, not the age I am

Amir has a very caring, professional approach which reassures you that the procedure will go according to plan and that the outcome will meet your expectations. I had a positive experience and am delighted with the results.



New boobs, new me!

Amir was amazing. Understanding, helpful and very professional, I 100% recommend him. He's done an incredible job, I couldn't be happier with the results. It has changed my life so much! I can now wear the underwear, swimwear and dresses I've always wanted to :)



I had such a stress free and painless experience that i wish i’d have done it sooner!!

From the first consultation to the aftercare post operation Amir made me feel completely at ease, answered any questions I had for him and, him and his team acted very professionally.


Gino Latino

Bye Bye Baggy Eyes

Absolutely excellent! I am extremely pleased with the results. Before the procedure my saggy eyelids made me look 10 years older than my actual ages. Lovely staff and surgeon who put me at ease throughout the whole experience, they talked me through every step of the way.


Leanne Wheeler

63yr Old Feeling a Lot Younger – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

Chose to have Concept Facelift with Amir as liked his honest and friendly approach. All his staff were excellent and ready to answer any questions. The procedure was very straightforward with very little swelling and bruising and I was delighted with the outcome which gave a very natural look. The aftercare was excellent.



I had a great experience today

5* treatment from being to end. The after care is first class. Amir has a lovely calm and friendly demeanour that puts you at ease straight away. He explains everything in detail so nothing comes as a surprise.



24 Year Old, Needing a Pucker Pout – Tunbridge Wells, GB

The lip filler has been a perfect temporary solution for me and I absolutely love the look of having fuller lips. Bella Vou were excellent and really eased some of my concerns and for the first time, i really love my lips.



A Young at Heart 60 Year Old Whose Wicked Husband Had Nicknamed ‘Churchill’ LOL – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I'm a live for today kinda girl and after years with my husband referring to me as Churchill I decided it was time to rejuvenate myself and as he offered the cash I promptly bit his hand off. The only problem was years ago my friend had a surgical facelift which left her looking like a train wreck immediately after surgery with tubes and drains attached to her, this was something I didn't want as I never wanted to broadcast what I was intending to do, I just wanted to look refreshed. On speaking with Amir he explained that he performs a non surgical procedure enabling you to go home within a few hours. Amir and his assistant nurse were absolutely fantastic, talking to me throughout the procedure as in the past I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and feared that during the procedure I would have to ask them to stop and leave me half finished. But this was never the case I felt completely at ease in their hands. I even popped off to use the loo during my procedure. In the days after the procedure, I experienced no pain at all and went about my daily life, which even included a walk that same evening. Once my swelling had gone down people where instantly commenting on the fact that I no longer looked tired anymore, whereas previously that's how I thought I looked everyday. the after care was brilliant and I was left in the comfort of knowing I could ring Amir at anytime if I needed to as instructed by Amir himself. 3 months down the line I am extremely happy with my results and now my husband refers to me as his hot chick rather Churchill!!



47 Year Old Not Ready to Age to Much!! – London, GB

I'm 47 & I had the procedure because I have always prided myself in appearance and I wasn't ready to give into growing old gracefully. I've got a lot left to give in the world and I want to feel confident in myself in order to achieve that. The team were absolutely amazing. Chatted & laughed! Amir is phenomenal



57 Year Old Teacher – Face and Neck Lift – Mr Amir Nakhdjevani – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I had been contemplating a face lift for a few years, and whilst on school holiday I decided to take the plunge. I went along with a friend for a consultation with Amir Nakhdjevani at the Bella Vou Clinic in Tunbridge Wells. All the staff were welcoming and professional and I felt immediately at ease. During the initial consultation I felt relaxed and able to ask all the questions I had. The procedure was explained, although I didn't fully appreciate all that it would entailed.



I’m Nearly 60 and Now Look 15 Years Younger! I’m Delighted. – United Kingdom, GB

I am nearing 60, living an active life and still working.


Lynette Spong

All of my questions were answered

The consultation was comprehensive, all of my questions were answered and I left knowing that I could return to request any further information needed.



Amir is so kind, patient and explained everything very well

The consultation was excellent! Amir is so kind, patient and explained everything very well.



Excellent! I enjoyed the whole experience at Bella Vou!

It all started with me attending an open evening in which I found very informative. After the open evening I then booked a consultation, this was very helpful for me and helped me make my final decision with going ahead with my chosen procedure. On the day of my surgery everyone was so friendly from walking in the door until leaving shortly after surgery, all staff were very helpful, thank you so much!



I am absolutely thrilled with my new look

Amir and his staff were very friendly and thoroughly professional from my very first consultation. I am absolutely thrilled with my new look and would highly recommend Amir and the Bella Vou Clinic to anyone looking to get cosmetic surgery.



Face & Neck Lift with Mr Amir Nakhdjevani Glasgow

Have been contemplating this for quite some while and have seen 2 other surgeons.



43 Year Old Male – Short Scar Facelift with Chin Liposuction. – Glasgow, GB

I wrote a journal last year on my eye surgery and it helped keep me sane so I thought I'd write another for my short scar facelift and chin liposuction.


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