Mommy makeover UK – Full tummy tuck with lipo of flanks, breast lift anchor incision with implants

1st October 2018
Mummy Makeover UK

Where do I start. As you will see from my photo update my surgeon is incredible. He listened to every thing I hated, everything I wanted and made my dreams of getting my body back come true. If you think I’m incredibly swollen, bruised (and super sore) but I’m only 5 days post op and look at the transformation. Just think of the results I will have in 6 months.

I’ve bruised like a peach from the lipo as expected. Breasts it’s more pressure than pain, coughing etc hurts like hell and night times I’m so uncomfortable and restless with bits of nausea. But I honestly couldn’t be happier. I never thought I would love myself again and I already am in love with my new body. If you have any hesitation- go and see Amir at Bella Vou and I’m sure he can make your dreams come true.

The care I had at the McIndoe hospital was amazing and my surgeon came and saw me every morning and evening and fully checked over me. I’m so happy I’m under his care and the care of his team.

I’m being taken great care of at home and not being a hero and taking medication as and when I’m allowed it. Think it’s important to stay on top of the pain. Praying my nights get better as that’s the only thing I’m really struggling with at the moment.

Have my first follow up with both my surgeon and his amazing team on Wednesday to have tapes removed and cleaned up. Have been showering as instructed and drying the tapes with a cool hair dryer. Makes you feel so much more human and nice to have half an hour with the garments off.

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