Mixed feelings

20th October 2017

Wrote a review about my experience at Bella Vou however it seems they only put up positive feedback!! Attempt number two! I had surgery with another clinic which left me with extremely unsatisfactory results that Dr Amir made me believe he could rectify. I went back for a second consultation as I wished to see before and after pictures that were not made available on my first consultation. I also wanted to understand more about the technical side to my procedure.

Dr Amir made me feel like I was confused about what I wanted because I was asking questions to understand what was going to be done to improve my results and asking to see pictures of some examples. I feel that it is only normal for someone to want to understand what is being preformed on them.

After the second consultation I had mixed feelings about moving forward with Dr Amir however because he explained to me on my first consultation that he could correct my issues this gave me no reason to think otherwise so I decided to go ahead as I needed to try and trust in my new doctor.

I later received a letter saying that I was not mentally fit to go ahead for any surgery! This left me feeling extremely disappointed and deflated as I was given some hope and then was taking away from me because I asked questions and asked to see pictures (something that doctors tell you to do!) I will never know if Dr Amir was capable of correcting my issues instead he has left me feeling even more lost.

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