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10th April 2017

I am four weeks post op now and I am driving and have returned to work. Everyone is impressed with my flat washboard stomach, I may even have to invest in some crop tops for the summer?!!! Amir's specialist surgical technique means there is no need for drains, (which some other Consultants use) so the recovery time is quicker. I have even read on this site some abdo patients use a walker after! - not with Amir, he had me up the next day walking and encouraging me to stand up straight. He explained this would save me hurting my back. Yes it did feel tight but it eased up over 2 weeks. You can see from the photo how much Amir took off me. He then created a new tummy button! I also had an unsightly appendix scar removed. I was told it takes about 5 months for all the swelling to go down and for things to settle. I had about 200 internal stitches where Amir sewed back together my front muscles and he contoured the sides. Apparently pregnancy causes this split, I have two children and I had no idea! I have seen Amir for a follow up and he is very pleased with my result. My hip width scar is below my bikini line & healing well, this in time will fade to a thin silver line. Amir said by contouring my side muscles this will give me a defined waist - I can't wait as I've never had one of these before! I am so happy with the result, which Amir said will keep improving over the next few months, Im more than happy with how it looks now, but bring it on! Watch out athlete Jessica Ellis Hills, you may have some competition in the flat stomach stakes!!!

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