I Wanted to Look 57 Again – Tunbridge Wells, GB

8th April 2017

I first had my upper and under eyes done at 53 and was delighted. I decided after turning 60 that everything suddenly started to change. So I started with Botox and the odd filler which was fine. I am now 67. I saw a surgeon in 2012 in Harley Street who didn't want to give me a lower face lift and suggested I lost a stone in weight and then if I felt I still wanted to go ahead to come back. Well he was right and I didn’t go back.

However three years ago at 64 I started being very unhappy and suffered a lot of stress which I feel has taken it’s toll and I started to research having a lower face lift to get rid of jowls and a crepey neck. I didn’t want a General Anaesthetic so Googled for information, this is when I found you could have a mini lift under Local Anaesthetic.

I stumbled on Real Self and have to say that this site has been amazing for me. It is where I found my surgeon Amir. I had already had a consultation with Dominic Bray , and actually provisionally booked a year earlier but changed my mind. Dominic is not as qualified as Amir Nakhdijevani and his procedure is a lot more expensive and also more invasive.

I also had a telephone consultation with Mr Harley in Ashville, who I was going to go with due to his amazing results but again more invasive. I then came across Amir. And knew his Concept Face and Neck lift was for me. I had a Face Time consultation with him as I live abroad for most of the year.

During the consultation I felt so sure he was the surgeon that I wanted, I had also spoken to one of his previous patients who had done a review, she also gave me the final confidence to book the operation under Local Anaesthetic. I booked in December 2016 for the 5th April. 2017.

I was so relaxed and excited when I arrived at the clinic with my nursing friend Rosy .as I knew I had every faith in Armir’s ability as a surgeon.

The clinic is lovely with the operating room very sterile and before the procedure I met Amir and he went through everything with me and answered all my questions and fears. He is lovely and approachable and very in tune with your needs. Also very patient.

The injections which I must admit I was quite scared about but needn’t have been as it was just like the dentist and after the first one you start to go numb so don’t really feel anything.

Amir’s other surgeon Rohit Seth was lovely and held my hand under the sterile covers and Carol the nurse was also there to sooth any fears. The whole experience lasted 3 hours as I also had my earlobes reduced in size. Lobes that I have hated for 10 years.

It was a excellent experience and fun as they are quite a comedy act and keep you entertained. According to them everything you feel is NORMAL :(.
You do feel tugging and pulling and you can hear noises but no PAIN.

When Amir had completed his excellent work and embroidery I was allowed to look. Well Chipmunk comes to mind with a superb tight jaw and lovely smooth neck. The thing I noticed was that also my decolarge also looked smoother.

The swelling comes form the fluid that is injected into the face during the procedure. This can take between 48 hours and a week depending on the patient, it disappears into the body gradually. So according to Amir cold packs don’t help the swelling but can ease the discomfort.

Unfortunately I am one of the 20% that can get severe earache after the procedure which I was warned about and I have to say it was very painful for 48 hours but I am now on the third day and did not require pain killers today.

My ears are very numb and in front of my ears and I feel everything is very tight and tingly and I still have a fair amount of swelling especially on both sides of my neck. Everything is now bearable and I plan to sleep tonight on my side. I did buy a V pillow, which has proved to be a big asset. I know I am going to have a great result once the swelling goes down and my disposable stitches look like a work of art. I don’t think I will have any problems with scaring. I see Amir on Wednesday 12th April for my check up .

I abstained from alcohol for 10 days before the procedure and also took arnica and lots of blueberries and pineapple. I also stopped all my vitamins and herbal medication.
The most amazing thing is that I have no bruising which is a miracle for me as I have even bruised with Botox.

I went out shopping with my friend straight after the procedure. I stayed at the excellent 1 Warwick Park Hotel that night as I wanted to see Amir for a check up the next morning before the journey home . A great hotel and superb breakfast and staff. Only 2mins walk from the clinic.

I will keep you posted on my journey. I also want to thank all the people who have helped me with my decisions with advice in their reviews over the last 15 months.

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