Have courage! It will be amazing.

1st March 2018

Thanks to this website I found many reviews of this surgeon and the Bella Vou clinic and I'm now pleased to add my own! At my first (and only) consultation with Amir Nakhdjevani prior to booking surgery I was struck by how honest and straightforward the process was. I was told exactly what would give the best results (even though it might not have been what I wanted to hear cost-wise!) and a firm insistence to visit other surgeons for quotes and opinions and be sure to do my research thoroughly.

As I'd spent the previous year researching all the procedures and other surgeons and clinics, I felt ready to go ahead with my choice of Bella Vou. In the few months before the date of surgery I must admit I got nervous and thought about cancelling, especially whenever I looked at the list of possible side effects etc. Courage won the day and I arrived at the Bella Vou clinic on time for the booking.

From my very first visit I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed by the amazing staff there who are super kind and understanding. Other patients visiting are also willing to chat with each other about their treatments, there is such a friendly atmosphere. I was booked for 3 simultaneous procedures: neck lift, Concept Face Lift and liposuction, all with local anaesthetic. Mr Nakhdjevani is rightly named as one of the top 100 surgeons on this very website and it is apparent you are in very good hands right from the start. The process is sure, efficient and deft, without any sense of rushing, or the opposite, hesitation.

It is a very odd sensation to have an operation on your face and still be able to talk and be aware of what is happening and to ask questions or chat! Not all parts were pleasant (the liposuction for one) but it was completely painless and soon over. From the first moment of seeing myself afterwards I could tell the difference, and have been mostly excited about the healing process as I get used to my 'new' face. There was a fair bit of bruising on my neck for the first two weeks (turning a spectacular yellow) but easily hidden by my hair and a scarf.

After 4 weeks most of the stitches are already invisible. There are a couple of lumps and bumps under my ears still to smooth out and numbness around the stitches but this is minimal. I was back at work on the 4th day after the surgery. I was very covered up at first, so it's just in the last couple of weeks that I've started to get compliments, but the main and most important result has been how I feel about myself and how much this has boosted my own confidence.

My face now matches how I feel and how the rest of my body looks, as 3 yrs prior to this surgery I'd lost weight and gained health and fitness (which was one of the reasons my neck had had more loose skin). I feel happy now to be entering my 60s in the next couple of years, and no regrets whatsoever that I chose Mr Nakhdjevani and the Bella Vou clinic for my surgery.

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