Feeling brighter and fresher faced by the day!

22nd June 2017

I found Amir to be very calm and confident; he kept me feeling at ease and even had me laughing throughout the process. Amir is very direct about the procedure - he tells you honestly about the process, and what he feels is right for you and he will not do any procedure unless he feels it will enhance you and is required (all a plus and that makes for a trustworthy surgeon).

I am still in the process of recovery as I only had the operation 2 weeks ago when I write this, but daily I can see subtle changes and I look more youthful around the healing. Unlike other procedures - the eyes cannot be hidden so be prepared for the disruption during the healing process and reassured that the final result will be just what you wanted.

The team at Bella Vou are amazing and support you pre and post-surgery. You feel like you have joined a lovely family during the whole process. For me this is a very personal and rewarding journey and I have made it in the great hands of Amir and the lovely Bella Vou team.

Surgery is a decision we need to make carefully and one in which we need to trust that we have selected the right surgeon for us..... I can't give you a guide book on how to do that but I can say, do your research and if I can help you select a surgeon that will enhance 'you' the way you want to be enhanced - and help you feel safe then it is a privilege to share my experience with you.

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