Face,eye and Neck Lift What an Amazing Result

12th May 2017

I had my surgery at Bella vou clinic with Dr Amir Nakhdjevani. What a fantastic result. I am 62 but only 12 in my head! I was petrified but Dr Amir calmed me down with a diazapan. This is not an old fashioned face lift with bandages and drains. I walked up 3 flights of stairs carryjng my handbage (suitcase) when i was done.

I won't lie, the numbing needles are painfull but after that you don't feel a thing. The girls in the clinic are a fantastic professional team and so supportive. Dr Amir and my nurse Will were talking and laughing with me all the way through about 2 and a half to 3 hours. It went really fast.

When my sister and daughter saw me they were amazed at the result. The following week i went to lunch with friends with makeup on.

I'm now now 2 weeks post op. I am 2 weeks post op now and still, can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror
I would definitely recommend Dr Nakhdjevani and his wonderful staff. My experience could not have been better.

If you are thinking of surgery go for it.Not for anyone else but for you.

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