Fabulous Facelift and Oustanding Support Throughout

12th November 2018

Three days after my Concept Facelift at Bella Vue Clinic I remain in awe of the outstanding experience I received by the hugely talented Amir and his fabulous team.

From the minute I arrived the gorgeous Connie with her wonderful welcome and beaming smile made me feel supported and safe - support that continued right throughout the weekend where she remained in touch sending messages that made me smile and making it obvious the team were there if I needed them.

As far as the procedure itself was concerned - - who would imagine you would be laughing and participating in fun conversation during a face lift and could honestly say you had had a great time? Amir and the aptly named Joy turned an experience I was really nervous about into one which was pain free and flew by in a fabulous mix of hugely caring support, explanations of what was happening and great conversation. I can’t thank them enough.

And finally, the wonderful Angel (yet another aptly named member of this wonderful team) made sure I was all set for my recovery, taking time to go over everything I needed to do, answering my questions and reassuring me that she and the team would be there if I needed them.

I cannot recommend Amir and his amazing team enough - if you are thinking of having a facelift and are looking for the very best - look no further - Amir and his team are in a class of their own

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