Concept facelift: A refreshed version of me

3rd August 2017

At 43 years old I had already researched Facelift procedures for about 1 year. I have normal facial aging but I really started to dislike especially the increasing banding in the upper part of my neck. During 2016 I saw 2 well renowned plastic surgeons in Norway (where I live) and they both suggested a full traditional SMAS facelift with a recovery time of at least 3 weeks. That is not something I can fit in to my schedule especially because my kids are still quite young.

I then chose to have a Silhouette soft facelift that made me look horrible for a week, a little bit better for 2 months and then back to pre procedure look (very disappointing).

In January 2017 I came across the reviews for Concept Facelift by Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani at the Bella Vou clinic in Tunbrigde Wells. It sounded a little bit too easy, a little bit to good to be true, but the all the reviews and great photos on Real Self and Bella Vou webpage convinced we it was worth checking out. So I had a very nice Facetime consultation with Dr. Nakhdjevani that confirmed that this was the procedure for me.

I was a bit worried about travelling for a Facelift and how long I would have to stay near the clinic, but Amir told me I could travel back home within a couple for days. I booked my procedure for June 2017. I flew to London a Wedneday evening, took a taxi to Royal Tunsbrigde Wells (45 £) and stayed at the very nice One Warwick Park Hotel.

The morning after I walked (3 min) to Bella Vou Clinic and was met by the lovely and welcoming staff that made me feel completely at ease. I was thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect before I was taken to surgery. The surgery itself was not painful but I must say it was a bit unpleasant (3 hours). But Amir and Sue (the nurse) was very nice and made me feel as comfortable as possible.

Surprisingly enough I looked quite good right after the procedure, very puffy from the injected fluids but no one would have been able to tell I just has surgery because my hair covered the swollen parts. The scars in front of my ears was hardly noticeable even at that point. After a cup of tea and some time to "gather" myself I walked back to the hotel and felt quite good. I had dinner in the room. I did not sleep very well the first night, but the pain was easily manageable with some light pain medication.

I stayed in Royal Tunbrigde Wells until the Sunday when I flew back to Norway. At that point I was still quite swollen in front of my ears and had some yellow bruising at the sides of my neck but again my hair covered it quite well. I had actually not told my husband that I had a facelift and when I came home he noticed that I had something done but I mumbled something about a lacer treatment and he has not mention it again.

I was planning to take a couple of more days off from work, but I felt good and went back to work the Monday (4 days after the procedure). No one looked twice at me. I was still swollen (my face looked wide) and had some yellow bruising, but it was a cold week so I wore a light scarf. I did have some pain especially in the evenings behind my ears so a few days I took some paracetamol.

The pain went away after 15 days. Most of the swelling and bruising was gone by 1 week actually, it was not really a gradual reduction more that I woke up at day 8 with the swelling gone. The scars in the front of my ears was never noticeable, the scars in the back of my ears was red, raised and the whole area was bulgy (in the lack of a better word). The back of my ears have is now looking a lot better 6 weeks after and do not bother me at all.

At day 10 the wound opened up about 1 cm just behind my earlobe (when being a bit careless taking a tight sweater off) and I panicked, but I called the clinic the next day and sent a photo and Sue told me to leave it alone and it should heal by itself and it did in a week or so. At 2,5 weeks I attended a wedding and looked and felt great! Now 6 weeks after it is actually a little hard to imagine I even had a facelift.

I completely look like myself just a refreshed version. My neck and lower face look a lot better than before but not in a unnatural way at all. I am still a little numb in front of my ears but it is improving week by week. I would do it again in a heartbeat (and probably will when my face starts sagging again).

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