Brachioplasty(bingo Wings) – Tonbridge, GB

18th July 2016

After many years and four children later, now all grown up I was finally given the chance to go under the knife and have my confidence given back to me.
I have been married for over 25 years now and since giving birth to our first child I found my body changed, obviously that's life, some people are lucky and some end up with baby medals, a worthy trophy for having wonderful children and a supportive husband.
There is always a BUT.....
My but is being able to wear clothes that fitted correctly and comfortably, fashionable clothing I could feel great in but (there's that BUT again).
Birthdays and Christmas and all in between when I needed new clothes we would go shopping and I would soon feel very low in mood and often decline to try clothing on as I would have to buy clothes with sizes often larger than my frame just to get tops with sleeves that would fit my arms, my husband would sometimes see tops for me and buy them when he was out without me and I would try on and say it does not fit, he would get cross and sometimes think I am ungrateful, causing arguments which in turn made it harder for me to go out shopping.
I would often wear clothes that just covered my arms completely and feel uncomfortable becoming hot.
my self esteem through the floor.
Now the chance presented itself to me in meeting Mr Amir Nakhdjevani a cosmetic surgeon at Bellavou , a man that said the operation would take approx. 2.45Hrs and reduce the tops of my arms significantly and make me feel better about myself, He is very confident and well practised in many different operations, The way he spoke was just the medicine in convincing me in taken the chance for future happiness and I could look forward to feeling great wearing new clothes etc....
His team of staff are all very very nice professional polite people who all showed empathy and understanding to me and I can say other patients I met whilst at appointments prior to my operation.
they all made me feel confident with the choice I was to make and on the 21st June this year my operation went ahead, it did take as long as expected and yes there was/is pain that was/is easily managed with medication and as time has gone by the pain is slowly disappearing and the scar's getting lighter, I have already experimented with the shops and found a big smile on my face when trying outfits on for my daughters wedding, I am really exited about the future and am most grateful to Bellavous for a great job, yes going under surgery is not always the answer for some, but people who suffer like I feel I have suffered, life is out there and I am going to go and find myself some as I have been unlocked and freed from what I call the conscious prison and am going to enjoy what the future has to give and I have told my husband that it's going to be expensive.
Thank you Thank You very much to the Bella Vou Team for everything I am so grateful.

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