Bingo Wings Banished! – London, UK

6th May 2016

I have had bingo wings for as long as I can remember, no amount of weight loss made a difference, and so I worn tops/dresses always with sleeves to cover them up, they wobbled... YUK!
I then got made redundant and paid off and found myself in a position with the money and time to do something about them.
I met Amir and the team at Bella Vou and decided to book the surgery.
I checked into the Macindoe Centre for the operation. Arrived at 8.30am and at 10.30am I was going to theatre...Everyone made me/us as my boyfriend came too so at ease. Amir came to see me before surgery, went through the procedure again and drew on all the fat on my arms, so he could remove it :-)
I left at lunchtime the following day, again having seen Amir to ensure he was happy and he told me the surgery went perfectly.
Practically you will need help back at home for a few days, my mum came and cooked/cleaned etc as my arms were aching and my stretch was limited (i.e. reaching high or putting some clothes on)
Its now been 11 days since the op, I still have tubi grip on my upper arms as it offers support and reduces swelling, apart from that I'm driving and doing everything pretty normally again.
The stretch is still limited but getting better every day, my arms no longer wobble, they are firm and slim, cant wait to see them a few more weeks down the line.

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