Amir and the gorgeous girls at Bella Vou are just AMAZING!

14th February 2018
Libby x

I had my first procedure three weeks ago with Amir on the 25/1/18. I had a face/neck lift, upper and lower eyelids and two Permalip implant. Although it has been less than a month, I am really pleased. So much so, that I have got several further procedures booked with Amir, the next being in March, when I'm having an eyelash transplant I have lost eleven and half stone and it has left me with a lot of excess skin, so in May, I am having my breasts done, along with a tummy tuck and arm lift.

Then at the end of the year, I am having a thigh lift and buttock lift. I've even recommended my best friend to Amir, who is seeing him for a consultation next month.

The whole team at Bella Vou are EXCEPTIONAL - I have never felt so looked after in all my life! My patient coordinator, Angel, is absolutely AMAZING, nothing is ever too much trouble and everyone there genuinely cares. The clinic is so welcoming, and I feel like I've known them all for years and you're just going to visit old friends! Amir and all of the gorgeous girls at the clinic, go towards making this a truly personal transitional journey, rather than just somewhere you have a cosmetic procedure done.

As I say, I'm only a few weeks post op of my first procedure, but so far, everything has gone brilliantly and I am so so excited to the year ahead. It has taken a lot of time to work on getting here, but this past 18 months, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and I'm looking forward to having my face and body reflect how I feel on the inside, rather than the misrepresentation I see when I look in the mirror at the moment.

I look forward to updating everyone here at RealSelf on the next stage of my journey. Wish me luck!

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