Amazing surgery…so happy

17th July 2017

Amazing surgery. Amir Nakhdjevani was such a friendly reassuring man from the moment I met him, I went there because at 51 after losing a stone and a half I had a saggy old neck, older looking than my face. I explained to him I was getting married in October and he didn't push me into rushing it he absolutely made sure I thought I could cope with this operation whilst also planning a wedding I assured him I could.

He explained I would be having the concept facelift with liposuction at the front of my neck. Lisa then chatted with us and asked me ideally when would be good for me with regard to the wedding I asked for July and after being home a couple of days got offered July 10th last Monday.

The day arrived I was excited but extremely nervous, I am a squeamish person and although I had every faith in Amir based on reviews and pictures I wasn't sure how I would react (I did faint previously just before being given a general when having an operation before in hospital, not with Amir I might add) so I definitely wanted a local but was scared. Arrived and had before photos taken, had a cup of tea, some biscuits and a chat with Noula while I signed paperwork. She was lovely and calming.

Then Amir came out to meet me, he's so calm, relaxed and funny that I felt strangely much more calm than expected, had a diazepam and went in. Noula was in there to hold my hand and a man named Will and music was playing, before I knew it Amir was doing the locals, quite a few and it did hurt a bit but was over pretty quickly. Will then covered my day clothes with surgical gown while the locals took effect. I decided I was going to keep my eyes shut for the whole procedure which I did so I could try to put out of my mind I was being operated on, I needn't have worried too much as Will and Amir kept me chatting constantly to keep my mind off it.

Lipo at the front of my neck first which was weird but as Amir was doing it I could feel my flesh getting tighter that was a good feeling, then he worked on my right side going in by my ear and then the left , I'm not going to lie there were a couple of bits that I didn't like at all but they immediately got me chatting about something else if I mentioned something I didn't like, I only said that twice in two and a half hours mind you. They were both really funny and made what could be quite a traumatic experience if too clinical an exciting time actually wondering and looking forward to the results. He showed me in the mirror and I looked sort of alien because of the fluid in my face but I could see immediately the saggy jowls had gone and my neck looked ten years younger.

They looked after my fiancé too and kept him informed of my progress while I was being operated on. He was amazed when he saw me even though by then I was taped up tightly under the chin. I explained to Amir that I was supposed to be going to my friends birthday party sat night so he said to go back Friday for the tape off instead of the Monday.

Home, painkillers, sleeping propped up, feeling like my mouth could barely open for eating, teeth brushing etc all a little uncomfortable and pretty tired too but very happy I've had it done. Back on Friday 4 days post op, Amir removed the tape, even he seemed surprised how little bruising there was especially where I had the lipo, he took some after pictures, my other half welled up and shook Amir's hand and thanked him, he was very emotional.

Straight out for lunch where my fiancé took a picture of me and compared it to my before, that's when I then got emotional. Went to my friends party, my face was swollen but I looked good and was told by one friend she thought I'd lost weight, another said to my fiancé she's looks lovely tonight, they didn't know. I'm now one week on and to be honest my ears feel enormous still and my face feels tight enough to burst but I know that will get better with time it's still such early days , sleeping on my ears hurts so I'm happier on my back at the moment but my neck and lack of sagging jowls now look amazing, I like my face shape.

Amir and his team are a class act, we couldn't have been looked after any better, his surgical skills are just fantastic. I would recommend anyone considering a facelift, neck lift etc to go down this route and have it done under a local with Amir, the thought of it might seem scary but they really make the experience not scary. I'm so excited now for my wedding and Amir made us promise to send a wedding picture to them.

My best advice would be if you have this procedure, stay calm, rest a bit afterwards, even without a general your body needs a bit of time to recover and love your results I know I do. Thankyou Amir and your team, special mention too for Will, he was great company throughout my op.

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