A Young at Heart 60 Year Old Whose Wicked Husband Had Nicknamed ‘Churchill’ LOL – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

5th November 2015

I'm a live for today kinda girl and after years with my husband referring to me as Churchill I decided it was time to rejuvenate myself and as he offered the cash I promptly bit his hand off. The only problem was years ago my friend had a surgical facelift which left her looking like a train wreck immediately after surgery with tubes and drains attached to her, this was something I didn't want as I never wanted to broadcast what I was intending to do, I just wanted to look refreshed. On speaking with Amir he explained that he performs a non surgical procedure enabling you to go home within a few hours. Amir and his assistant nurse were absolutely fantastic, talking to me throughout the procedure as in the past I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and feared that during the procedure I would have to ask them to stop and leave me half finished. But this was never the case I felt completely at ease in their hands. I even popped off to use the loo during my procedure. In the days after the procedure, I experienced no pain at all and went about my daily life, which even included a walk that same evening. Once my swelling had gone down people where instantly commenting on the fact that I no longer looked tired anymore, whereas previously that's how I thought I looked everyday. the after care was brilliant and I was left in the comfort of knowing I could ring Amir at anytime if I needed to as instructed by Amir himself. 3 months down the line I am extremely happy with my results and now my husband refers to me as his hot chick rather Churchill!!

I 100% would recommend Amir and his team at Bella Vou.

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