A New Lease of Life – Tunbridge Wells, GB

11th August 2016

Many women can relate to feeling uncomfortable, top-heavy and unable (or too self conscious) to play sport due to an over sized chest. While many women discussed breast enlargement, I dreamed of breast reduction, but fear always got the better of me, I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread whenever considering surgery and a general anaesthetic. Fortunately, I bumped into a longstanding acquaintance and, before long, we stumbled onto the subject of plastic surgery. My dear friend shared her experience with a, as she termed, 'outstanding and highly respected surgeon' and immediately, I was 'all ears'. It was a whirlwind, from that moment. I was in consultation within a week (although they are unbelievably busy, they try desperately to be accommodating) and in surgery within a month. I am now well recovered and enjoying a new lease of life. My weekly routine of coffee mornings and luncheons have been traded for tennis, swimming and golf. The greatest indulgence has been an entire new wardrobe. Amir Nakhdjevani has given me a new life, one that is thoroughly enjoyable, with no aching back or shoulders and no reason to dress up and dance. Thank you Bella Vou and thank you Amir.

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