58 Year Old Lecturer, Unhappy with Jowls and Saggy Neck

17th February 2016

After a significant weight loss, when I had never felt so fit, well and happy with my figure and the joy of buying a new wardrobe, I found it was somewhat overshadowed by the toll the change had made on my face. I used to look young for my age and I now looked 58 and a tired one at that! It took me a few months, possibly 9 to really decide to do something about it.

I tried Botox and fillers but they didn't bring the results I was looking for. So I did my research, found the right surgeon and just went ahead with it. I knew if I over-thought it I would lose my nerve. One really good think about choosing to have this procedure with a local anaesthetic, is that you don't have to consider the potential risks of general anaesthesia.

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