57 Year Old Teacher – Face and Neck Lift – Mr Amir Nakhdjevani – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

19th October 2015

I had been contemplating a face lift for a few years, and whilst on school holiday I decided to take the plunge. I went along with a friend for a consultation with Amir Nakhdjevani at the Bella Vou Clinic in Tunbridge Wells. All the staff were welcoming and professional and I felt immediately at ease. During the initial consultation I felt relaxed and able to ask all the questions I had. The procedure was explained, although I didn't fully appreciate all that it would entailed.

During the procedure which was not painful after the initial injections, Amir and his assistant were supportive, friendly and professional. The procedure was somewhat more invasive then I thought it would be, after all, my face was being cut and stitched and being awake I was very aware of the work being done on my face. The whole procedure was carried out with care and concern for my welfare.

For the first few days after the procedure it was difficult to sleep but ordinary pain killers helped. The whole area was sore with some swellling, although the bruising on my face was minimal (almost non-existent) and I was out and about from day 1. I returned to work 1 week after the procedure and although friends and colleagues commented upon how well I looked no one commented on any bruising or swelling. My neck was bruised but I was able to cover it with a scarf. Realistically, I think you need 10-12 days downtime not so much because of the bruising or swelling but because you will not sleep as well as usual which can be tiring.

Any discomfort has been well worth it. I am really pleased with the result; friends and family comment all the time about how well I look. They can't quite put their finger on what is different about me but know there is something. I feel more confident and am really happy to recommend Amir and Bella Vou to anyone considering any type of plastic surgery.

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