56 Year Old Female Neck and Lower Face Lift – Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

23rd September 2016

I knew from the age of 43 when I caught sight of myself in a shopping precinct lift which had an infinity mirror that I would one day have to do something about my wrinkly neck!
I started saving whatever I could and in the meantime tried many different creams, even a battery operated electric pulse gadget, supposed to help tighten the muscles, needless to say it didn't work!
As the years passed by I felt it ate away at my own self image, I wasn't unhappy but felt it was inhibiting in the clothes I wanted to wear and it affected how I chose to wear my hair, this feeling only progressed as I knew there was nothing I could do for myself, it was purely an ageing process.
What I did feel was that my neck looked a lot older than the rest of me, I started looking at other womens necks, some a good 15 to 20 years older than me and their skin on the neck area was often better than mine. I started looking into surgery approx 3 years ago, there were plenty abroad that had surgery advertised at half the price but for me I wanted to feel safe and also use someone local.
I came across Amir and his concept neck and face lift,it minimized recovery, bruising and swelling which makes a huge difference to a busy lifestyle. I loved all the reviews and before and after pics.
I booked a consultation with Amir and was inspired with confidence with his kind and straightforward approach. I had the surgery 8 days ago, I feel so good and happy and I am really looking forward to wearing different style necklines and my hair in different styles. The clinic is lovely , staff really friendly and happy to discuss fully all issues. I can highly recommend Amir , you could not be in better hands.

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