48 Years Young in Need of a Look to Match my Life

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I have been debating a facelift for a while as I found fillers were not giving me the look a wanted. After much research I decided to go with Dr Amir Nakhdjevani at the Bella Vou clinic in Tunbridge Wells Uk. This was a no brainier decision for me, the surgery promised minimal downtime and the procedure would be carried out under a local.

I had a FaceTime consultation with Dr Amir and decided that I would go ahead with it. I arrived at the clinic on the day excited that I would finally look the way I felt, Dr Amir oozes confidence so I was immediately put at ease.

I was given a pre-med just to take any jitters away then once that kicked in I was told to lay on a chair and the procedure began. I closed my eyes throughout it all but was aware of what was happening, firstly I had the local injections which didn’t really hurt and that was it for the pain! Unbelievable I know, but very true!

I felt nothing during the whole procedure then after a few hours it was done. The doctors and I chatted a laughed throughout the whole procedure, it was surreal. I then sat up and took a look at my face, it was slightly swollen but nothing like I though it would be, I was able to walk back to my hotel without the need of a bag covering my head to hide the bandages as there was none! Another advantage.

I returned with some paracetamol and some ibuprofen to take and was advised to sleep more upright and not to bend over with my head, not that I would have anyway. I prepared beforehand some ice packs to use that evening and I’d taken Arnica Montana for the 2 weeks leading up to the surgery.

I can’t express how thrilled I am with the results!! I have no visible scars already and it’s only 6 days out from surgery. I’ve been out for dinner every night without worrying about how I look.

This man is a genius and I would recommend him 100%.


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48 Years Young in Need of a Look to Match my Life
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