46 Petite Woman Three Children,needed Tummy Tuck – Tonbridge, GB

9th August 2016

After twenty years of looking after all my family I decided that I needed to spend some time for myself. My tummy was looking flabby and old looking. I started to wear baggy tops and would never wear t shirts as they would rise up and look tight. No amount of exercise would get my stomach flat or in shape again. I began to lose confidence and have low self esteem. So it was a case of staying miserable or doing something about it. I am so glad I did I wear my style of clothes now and look great. Instead of dreading my holidays I look forward to it. I love wearing the beach wear ,I am so much happier and confident about myself. Should have done it sooner I am happier and so is my family. I feel younger too it was so worth it.

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