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Terms and Conditions: Making Payments

Please note that adherence to these payment terms is essential to the securing and maintaining of your agreed surgical date. It is crucial that payments for your procedure are received no later than their due dates as there are significant arrangements that must be undertaken to reorganise our surgical diary and clinical teams for another patient’s surgery. Our terms and conditions outline what our payment requirements are in great detail. Additionally, we will remind you when payment due dates are approaching. 

If payments are not received by their due date, the confirmed date of your treatment will no longer be possible to maintain and will be re-released. On account of you not meeting your fee obligations, your surgical date, previously organised, will need to be rearranged. We very much want to avoid any disruptions to your treatment plans but these will be unavoidable in the event that your surgical fees are not paid in accordance with the terms and conditions within your confirmation of surgery. 

Rescheduling your Procedure:

Please note that if you reschedule your procedure, the price of your surgery will remain unaffected by any price increases as long as your newly rescheduled surgery date falls within the next six months. In the event that your rescheduled surgery falls 6 outside months from the original date of your procedure, your procedure may be requoted and subject to any price increase that has occurred. If your surgical plan is changed (i.e. additional procedures are added), the prices of these procedures will be quoted based on the current price of our published price lists. 

Once a 10% deposit has been received and your procedure date is officially secured in our diary, any rescheduling of that procedure will incur certain surcharges. 

The below table outlines the surcharges that will be incurred if you reschedule your procedure during specific timeframes leading up to your surgery date. 

Please note that should your surgery be rescheduled on more than one occasion, within the 3-week window preceding your surgery, our surcharges stated above will be doubled. 

Cancelling your procedure:

The below table outlines the conditions that will be applied if you cancel your procedure during specific time frames leading up to your surgery date.

Terms & Conditions: Rescheduling or Cancellation a procedure

We’re very aware and are sensitive to the fact that life can be unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the rescheduling or cancelling of your procedure with very short notice. Our understanding of such occurrences reaffirms our commitment to support you by providing a refund for costs that we have not yet fully incurred. Unfortunately, each booked surgery incurs significant costs and unrecoverable expenses that can not be mitigated when long-standing preparations are changed at short notice. 

It is important to note that if you reschedule your procedure and subsequently cancel it, the cancellation policy at the time of your initial rescheduling will be applicable (should the timeframe leading up to your surgery at the time of rescheduling be shorter than at the time of cancellation). 

At our sole discretion, we may make additional allowances on assessing a very significant adverse event that may affect you. We kindly ask you to please understand that, whilst you’re labouring under such extreme personal difficulties, any wavering of our standard terms and conditions is not contractual or to be expected and is at our discretion and cost. We will, at such times of considering an exception, require that you provide reasonable evidence in support of your request. Please remember that any waiving of our standard terms and conditions is not to be considered an entitlement and we kindly remind you not to take offence upon our reasonable requests for you to provide supporting documentation/information in the event of such a request being made. For the following significant adverse events we will require the following documentation:

  • For illness or medical situations: We will accept official documents by medical specialists (not General Practitioners) which are corroborated as reasonable by our clinical team, here at Bella Vou. The document must provide a diagnosis and supportive reasoning that necessitates the rescheduling or cancellation of your procedure.
  • For COVID-related medical situations: If you experience any symptoms attributed to COVID & subsequently test positive within the 7 weeks leading up to your procedure, please report this to us immediately. It is our policy and that of Government guidelines that patients undergoing a General Anaesthetic must wait a minimum of 7 weeks after receiving a positive COVID test before having surgery. 
    • If you test positive, you must report the result on the NHS website in no less than 24 hours. To use their service you will need: a test box that is still in date, the QR code or ID number printed on the test strip, and a mobile number to receive a text confirmation that the NHS has received your result. 
    • Upon receipt of your NHS positive test confirmation, we will subsequently reschedule your procedure 7 weeks later at no additional charge.
  • The passing of an immediate family member: We will accept an official death certificate or other evidence for immediate family members only. If the deceased relative does not share the same last name, we may require proof of relationship. (An immediate family member is considered: a sibling, parent, partner or dependent).
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