Sally's Story Age 62, Sussex

After a week, I'm thrilled with my new-look face! Looking in the mirror in the morning is no longer a scary experience and I'm constantly being told how well I look!

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

My work in Sales with a major property developer in London gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction but I have to hold my own within this business against an ever increasing number of beautiful, young ladies joining the company. We all get on famously and although I certainly don't feel anywhere near my 62 years of age, I'd certainly started to look it!

For quite a while I'd been concerned about how the ageing process had started to affect my face and that I'd acquired a constant 'tired' look due to saggy eyelids. Also, this sagginess seemed to have spread to my neck to the extent that I would worry about going out in the weeks before Christmas in case I was included in the turkey cull!

When I accompanied my granddaughter on her appointment regarding another matter with Amir, I discovered a lot more about his unique facelift procedures which, I was assured, would also improve my neck. When he advised that he could do the eyelid surgery at the same time, I knew this was for me!


See my amazing before and after transformations below!

Why did you choose Bella Vou, and Amir Nakhdjevani?

My consultation with Amir (not the one my granddaughter had paid for and I had muscled in on!)
confirmed that the eye and non invasive facelift procedures would be perfect for me. He talked me through everything in detail and Lisa sent me some great 'before and after' pictures of his many patients. I also attended one of the Open evenings at McIndoe where after Amir's presentation, we all had an opportunity to ask questions. This was helpful as other people raised queries that I hadn't even thought of.

I have to admit that, when I arrived at McIndoe on the morning of my surgery, I was feeling very nervous but that didn't last long as I was whisked off by Amir and introduced to Matt who was assisting him for my procedure. After the initial discomfort of the anaesthetic injections (not really a problem as Matt was holding my hand throughout!), we chatted and laughed through the whole two and a half hours. It was a bit of a shock seeing myself afterwards but I knew it would all be worth it.

Has it been worth it, and how do you feel now?

After a week, I'm thrilled with my new-look face! Looking in the mirror in the morning is no longer a scary experience and I'm constantly being told how well I look! I feel so much more confident and love the 'natural' results; very subtle, not stretched. Thank you Amir, all my friends will be visiting you!

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