Nita, 1 week after her Concept Facelift procedure

Nita's Story

Age 67
Location Spain
Treatment(s) Concept™ Facelift, Neck Lift & Earlobe Repair

I would absolutely recommend Amir to anyone who is interested in a cosmetic procedure, my experience at Bella Vou was fantastic and the results were everything I hoped for and more.

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift, Neck Lift & Earlobe Repair?

When I was 53 I had surgery to rejuvenate my upper and lower eyelids and I was delighted with the results, so I’d already had a very positive experience with cosmetic surgery. However, since turning 60, I have felt that everything suddenly started to change with my appearance. I started with Anti-Wrinkle Injections and the odd filler to address wrinkles, which was fine, but I am now 67 and I felt that a more permanent, surgical solution was necessary to address the effects of the aging process.

In particular, over the last few years I have become very unhappy with my jowls and wrinkly neckline, which Anti-Wrinkle Injections and fillers were simply unable to fix. I knew a surgical facelift was the only way to address the issue, but I didn’t want to risk a general anaesthetic procedure for purely cosmetic reasons.

After conducting plenty of research on Google, I came across the innovative Concept™ Facelift, which I was excited to see was minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthetic. I researched Bella Vou on RealSelf and read plenty of fantastic reviews about Amir Nakhdjevani and his local anaesthetic facelift technique.

I live in Spain so it was difficult to come to the clinic for a consultation in person, but Amir was really helpful and scheduled a live video consultation. Amir was so reassuring, and I’d also talked to one of his previous clients who spoke very highly of his skills and professionalism. I was convinced that Amir was the surgeon I wanted to perform my facelift operation.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

Amir really instils confidence, he has such a professional and knowledgeable demeanour and I knew he was a surgeon whom I could trust completely. When I arrived at the Bella Vou clinic I was reassured further still; the clinic is absolutely beautiful and all the operating theatres were state-of- the-art, and exceptionally clean and sterile.

Before my surgery I met Amir again and he went through everything with me and answered all my questions. He is lovely and approachable and very in tune with his clients’ needs. He put my mind at ease and helped to allay any last minute fears, without putting any pressure on me to go through with the surgery.

What was your experience, in surgery?

I was a little apprehensive about the local anaesthetic injections, as I’m not a big fan of needles (is anybody?!), but really it was just like I’d experienced at the dentist getting a filling. Once the first anaesthetic had gone in, I started to feel numb and from then on I could only feel some tugging and pulling, but absolutely no pain, which was a relief!

Throughout the procedure, one of the nursing team stayed by my side to hold my hand and she and Amir chatted to me throughout to soothe any fears and keep me calm (and entertained!). As well as my facelift and necklift, I also had surgery to correct my drooping earlobes, which I have hated for decades, so my time in theatre lasted around three hours.

Has it been worth it?

I was so excited to see my results once the surgery was completed, and I was certainly not disappointed! Looking in the mirror I was thrilled to see my new tightened jaw line and lovely smooth neck – all the crepes, folds and wrinkles had completely disappeared.

Despite a little swelling, which is to be expected, there was absolutely no bruising, which is an absolute miracle as I bruise like a peach – I used to get more bruising from my Anti-Wrinkle Injections than I did from the facelift! Amir explained that the swelling was the result of fluids which are injected during the procedure and he was quite right that after 48 hours I would be back to normal.

In fact, I was able to leave the operating theatre and head out for a little retail therapy with my friend straight after the procedure. I couldn’t believe how well I felt just an hour after undergoing a full facelift operation; thanks to the local anaesthetic I didn’t feel at all groggy and I didn’t need to stay in hospital, which was a big relief.

In summary, I would absolutely recommend Amir to anyone who is interested in a cosmetic procedure, my experience at Bella Vou was fantastic and the results were everything I hoped for and more.

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