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Nicola’s Story

Nicola one week after her Concept Facelift

Nicola's Story

Age: 61
Location: Hampshire
Treatment(s): Concept™ Facelift

“My results are amazing, I look so much fresher, youthful and brighter! My new face has completely changed my persona as well, I am a lot more confident and happier in myself!”

Nicola before her Concept Facelift Nicola one hour after her Concept Facelift

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

I had been thinking about having a facelift for ages, however, I felt slightly vain considering it. I certainly did not want to go under general anaesthetic due to the health risks, especially for a cosmetic purpose. I felt I was looking very worn and tired, which completely knocked my confidence when socialising, having pictures taken etc. I have always been a person who has been a support and rock to everyone else, a constant worrier my husband would say. My husband and children really encouraged me to do something for myself for once. They knew how much this meant and how happy it would make me.

As well as my family, I would have the support from the Bella Vou team and the kindest, genuine support from Mr Amir Nakhdjevani. I was confident he could help me and give me the result I was looking for. I knew I was in the most capable hands and the team would take the best care of me, ensuring my procedure went smoothly.

Nicola before her Concept Facelift Nicola one week after her Concept Facelift

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