Mark’s Story – Scrotal Uplift Surgery

Mark's Story

Age 31
Treatment(s) Scrotal Uplift

My experience at Bella Vou has absolutely been worth it, what was a daily frustration has been taken away and everything functions optimally! I am just so much happier with my life now.

What motivated you to consider Scrotal Uplift?

About ten years ago I started to experience discomfort due to excess scrotal skin. The discomfort was mildly irritating but something I could live with. Over the last two years the problem became worse, the whole area just felt loose and sagging and I ended up feeling quite down about it. I work as an HGV driver, so there are periods when I’m sat driving and other more physical scenarios but I’d always feel the skin getting caught between my legs and constantly adjusting myself. I was often using talcum powder to relieve the discomfort but eventually just had to find out if there was another way the problem could be properly addressed.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

I hadn’t heard of the scrotoplasty procedure until after searching online and reading an article that this was what George Clooney had done. I started to search for UK clinics to see if this was actually something men could have done here. I only found a few clinics within my radius, Bella Vou appealed to me the most because it was outside London and the cost was on par with what I expected. I was sceptical about some clinics, I just didn't want to risk being in and out of some run of the mill centre because I wanted the highest level of customer satisfaction and aftercare. What I saw on the Bella Vou website looked appealing and after reading some good reviews I subscribed to their newsletter.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

I received an offer for a fee free consultation with Amir and am so happy I met him. From the very first moment I telephoned Bella Vou my concerns were normalised, every person I’ve come into contact with here is lovely. There’s no denying it's a very beautiful clinic, located in a very pretty and peaceful part of Tunbridge Wells - The Pantiles. I met Amir on a Saturday afternoon, he examined me, answered all my questions and I was confident he knew exactly what he could do to help me.

What was your experience, in surgery?

Amir's skill is actually phenomenal, I cannot express enough what this man has done for me, his work has surpassed my expectations. I had watched some YouTube videos and had an idea of what to expect. Amir has a different approach in where he makes his incisions and this approach has meant that scarring is virtually invisible and I now enjoy improved sexual function. I think Amir’s approach is a game changer because if I had the procedure anywhere else like I had seen in the YouTube videos I believe I would have forfeited some sexual function and have some obvious scarring.

The operation itself was better than I expected, the only pain was from the initial local anaesthetic injections but the edge is taken off with numbing cream they provide you with. I wasn’t sure about being awake during the procedure but actually it was completely fine and was good to talk with Amir, Rohit and the nurse. Having the local anaesthetic also meant that I was able to drive home afterwards. Altogether, the ‘webbing’ and ‘uplift’ procedures took about 2 hours to complete.

Excellent aftercare is provided post-surgery, I was given medication and other supplies to help with the healing process, emergency contact details and a series of follow-ups.

Has it been worth it?

My experience at Bella Vou has absolutely been worth it, what was a daily frustration has been taken away and everything functions optimally! I am just so much happier with my life now. The experience has given me confidence to talk openly about the procedure with anyone in a way that I never would have before. I hope that my story will help other men discover the procedure and help their decision if they are also experiencing the same problems as I did. I trust Amir implicitly and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to contact him.

I really cannot thank all of you at Bella Vou enough, especially Amir. This has been one of the most memorable and worthwhile experiences, I will always remember what you’ve done for me.

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