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Marion’s Story

Marion one week after her Eyelid Surgery

Marion's Story

Age: 62
Location: East Sussex
Treatment(s): Eyelid Surgery

“I'm absolutely delighted with my results, my eyes look wide and fresh and I don't feel like I look tired anymore.”

Marion before her Eyelid Surgery Marion one week after her Eyelid Surgery

What motivated you to consider Eyelid Surgery?

As I've aged I've noticed that my eyes have increasingly looked like they are disappearing into my head, due to my drooping eyelids. My heavy upper eyelids had created a sort of hooded effect, and my eyes had sunk into my face which made me look tired and a bit miserable. After using all sorts of expensive creams to try to reinvigorate my eyelids, I decided to look into surgical options.

Marion before her Eyelid Surgery Marion one week after her Eyelid Surgery

I live in East Sussex, so I was looking for a nearby clinic to cut down travel times for appointments. I came across Bella Vou when I was researching clinics on the internet and I was delighted to see that Amir Nakhdjevani was the lead surgeon who would perform my operation. I'd previously seen Amir on a BBC One TV show performing a facelift surgery with amazing results, so I knew I was in safe hands. I spent time researching the case studies on the website and reviews on RealSelf, and I decided to make an appointment with Amir.

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