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Louise’s Story

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Louise's Story

Age: 47
Location: West Sussex
Treatment(s): Tummy Tuck

“When I compare my new body to how I looked before Amir worked his magic the difference is like night and day. My biggest regret is that I wish I knew of him before I chose my original surgeon.”

Louise before her Tummy Tuck Louise one week after her Tummy Tuck

I was referred to consultant plastic surgeon Mr Amir Nakhdjevani for major revision surgery following three botched procedures performed by another UK-based plastic surgeon. I knew nothing about Amir when he was first recommended to me but I was most impressed by him at my first consultation.

My journey is a very long one as I had weight loss surgery (open gastric bypass) in 2007, followed by two further revision surgeries due to complications. Despite complications I lost over half my body weight, but the downside of my weight loss resulted in endless rolls of loose skin in several areas; notably my tummy, arms, thighs and my horrible saggy breasts.

Following extensive research I eventually settled on a reputable and well-known plastic surgery clinic and on a surgeon who had operated on several friends without issue. Sadly my choice of surgeon proved to be a bad one as having opted to have three procedures at the same time in October 2015 – a weight loss tummy tuck, arm lift and breast uplift – the outcome of all three surgeries fell well short of what I had expected. This was a very bitter and costly pill to swallow given the nearly £20,000 price tag.

My tummy tuck was an unmitigated disaster as I was left with ugly, crooked horizontal and vertical scars, a badly positioned tummy button, a very visible muffin top (despite being told this would go), and lumps on both hips just above the horizontal scar line. Even worse though was the huge bulge I was left with in my pubic area which was almost like having a third breast. Needless to say I was absolutely distraught with the results – I had paid nearly £20,000 to be butchered.

When I first met Amir, he advised that all three surgeries needed to be corrected, but we agreed the greatest priority was major revision to my abdominoplasty, as he had concerns about the integrity of my abdominal wall. Amir assured me that he could improve things considerably, although he was also careful to stress you can never guarantee the extent of the improvement until the patient is “on the table” due to revision surgery being more complex.

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