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Katy’s story

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Katy’s story

Age: 26
Location: Kent
Treatment(s): Tummy Tuck

Katy, aged 26 from Kent, lost five stone after having her second son in 2020 and was left with a lot of excess skin. She had a Tummy Tuck with Bella Vou in June 2021. Here she shares her story.

I had been thinking about having a tummy tuck for quite a while - I lost over five stone after having my first son in 2017, and then after my second son was born in 2020 I decided that now was the right time.

Having gone from a size 18-20 to a size 8-10, I had a lot of excess skin, and when I wore tight clothes my stomach looked bigger than my bum! I worked really hard to lose the weight and I was at my goal weight, but I couldn’t do anything about this overhang of skin. I desperately wanted to embrace my new body but I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to wear and should be wearing at my age.

I started to research different surgeons online - I was time conscious because I was due to get married in 2021, but at the same time I didn’t want to rush anything, I wanted to find the perfect surgeon. I’d had other surgery in the past with a mainstream clinic and it wasn’t a good experience - it felt rushed and really impersonal, so this time I was determined to find something different.

I found Bella Vou on Google and I read a lot of positive reviews on various ratings websites and on social media. I had a really helpful initial call, and then booked a consultation for a couple of weeks later. While it’s not the cheapest clinic, their revision policy drew me to them, which down the line I was so grateful to have paid attention to. 

My mum came with me for support, and Amir S talked us through everything. He was really kind and honest, and when you’re paying that sort of money you want someone to be really honest with you about the results and any limitations. 

He explained the possible results with or without lipo, warned me that I’d be at higher risk of haematoma because of being a weight-loss patient, and reassured me that if there were any complications at all that Bella Vou would be there to support and fix them, and that they’d cover the cost. This was super important to me as I knew I was higher risk as a weight-loss patient.

It felt like Amir really took the time to explain everything and he seemed really genuine, and when we left the consultation I said to my mum: “he’s the one”. My mum agreed, and I felt really happy with the decision. 

Stacy got in touch later that day and gave me the price for a tummy tuck with lipo, but I was really honest and said I couldn’t afford the lipo option. I wanted to ensure I’d still get good results without lipo - after all, you’re paying a lot of money, and she called me within the hour to say she’d spoken to Amir and he wanted to reassure me that I’d still get good results, just not the “ultimate result”. I never wanted a full athletic look, I just wanted the excess skin removed, so I was happy with that, and I was glad that the expectation was super clear from the beginning.

I had my pre-op appointment with Scott, who is an incredibly kind and really lovely person. I then had my surgery, spent the night in a lovely room at the clinic (it’s like a hotel!) and was discharged 24 hours later.

Recovering at home, I experienced quite a lot of pain but I had my one-week check up and everything was ok. I had a lot of bruising but that’s to be expected when you’ve had lots of skin removed and muscle repair - it’s a big op. But on day eight I started to feel really unwell. I started to bleed really heavily and I was rushed to the William Harvey hospital. It turned out that I had a haematoma, which is usually present in the first 24 hours post-surgery, and which is why Bella Vou keeps you in for that time to monitor you. I had to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding.

As soon as Amir heard, he drove to the hospital to make sure I was ok. He liaised with the surgeon and he ended up being the one telling me what was happening. He was there with me every step of the way.

I want to stress that what happened to me wasn’t Bella Vou or Amir’s fault - I knew it was a risk (since I was a weight loss patient) - and developing haematoma eight days later is unheard of. Amir had only ever heard of one other case of this happening, so it was a really unusual and unlucky situation.

The NHS surgeon had to open me back up which had a detrimental effect on my tummy tuck, but Amir reassured me that he would fix it, and at no extra cost. I saw him every week for wound care and so that he could make sure I was healing, and he even gave me his personal number. The care was incredible and really reassuring. 

For the first six weeks I was adamant I wouldn’t go back into surgery, I was so nervous after what had happened, but I finally plucked up the courage and had the revision surgery three weeks ago. Amir fixed everything perfectly and put extra precautionary measures in place, and everyone was so supportive and reassuring.

Now I have the flattest tummy and my scars are virtually healed just three weeks on. I’m already back at work, and when I look in the mirror I finally have my results. 

There’s a little scar on my tummy where they moved by belly button, but at the end of the day, then vs now is totally different. Everything feels like a distant memory now and I feel amazing. I didn’t have a textbook recovery but I’m healthy now and that’s the main thing, and I have the results I dreamed of! 

My wedding is now next year and I have that to look forward to. I have my dress but I haven’t tried it on with my new body yet - it’s going to look completely different and I’m so excited. I’ll have my six week check-up in December and then I can take my garment off in time for a Christmas party - I’ve already been shopping for a dress and I can’t believe how many options there are for me to choose from now! 

I can’t recommend Bella Vou enough - everyone is so friendly and so lovely, and I know that I definitely made the right decision going with them.

I think it’s important that people understand the risk of complications, but they should be reassured by how well Bella Vou and Amir deal with them when they arise - other companies definitely wouldn’t have offered the same level of support.


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