Julia, 1 month after her Concept Facelift procedure

Julia's Story

Age 49
Location Royal Tunbridge Wells
Treatment(s) Concept™ Facelift

I’m more than happy with my results! It all looks so natural and with no tightness at all. I would highly recommend having surgery with Amir at Bella Vou.

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

Having lost 7 stone my face was beginning to look like it was melting. Even though I am still a larger lady I felt I’d aged at least 10 years with the loss. I hated how my face looked and had been looking into having my hanging chin removed.

A friend of mine had her eyes done with Amir and mentioned me while she was having them done. She was given a free consultation for me so what did I have to lose.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

I went along for the consultation and was very impressed with the clinic and found Amir very professional. To get the look I was hoping for was going to involve Liposuction, a Neck Lift and the Concept™ Facelift. I was told this could be done under local anaesthetic so no hospital stay for me and a great bonus as I’d had problems with a previous anaesthetic.

I was then taken to see the lovely Lisa who I then discussed the price of the procedures with. I couldn’t say yes there and then as I needed to sort out my finances.

Having got the finances sorted I also decided to have Upper Eyelid Surgery. Thankfully, I didn’t need another consultation I just had to send photos of my eyes to the clinic which I simply provided via email.

My date was finally booked!

What was your experience, in surgery?

On the morning of the surgery I was there for 8.30 and saw Amir who then drew over my eyes and face to make pointers of where he was doing the liposuction and removing skin. Then it began. I was injected with the anaesthetic in my eyelids and around my face and neck. Yes, you can feel the injections but nothing too painful. It does make you curl your toes and screw your eyes up however!

My eyelids were the first thing to be done and there was a lot of chatting about holidays between Amir, his assistant and myself. I can honestly say that I never felt a thing whilst they were being done.

The liposuction on my chin was next I could feel pressure of the cannula moving around but again no pain.

Then the face and neck lift began. Again, there was a lot of chatting while this was going on and once again I could feel only pressure, but no pain.

I think in total the procedures took about 4 and a half hours.

When Amir was finishing the last few stitches behind my ears I could feel myself beginning to come too so I said I could start to feel it. I then was given the option of 6 more needles then finished, or 6 needles of anaesthetic then 6 stitches. Needless to say I chose to be brave and get it over and done with!

Upon slowly sitting up I was given a mirror too look at myself. I was amazed with what I saw! Though swollen, I thought it looked great. I asked if I could take photos of the skin that had been removed and it was laid out nicely for me to take them.

I then saw Lisa again who gave me my aftercare instructions and was told if I had any problems I could ring at any time and someone would be there.

I went home where I had a coffee and rested in front of the TV. I slept sitting up for about a week and after 2 weeks could sleep on my side as I normally do.

I had no recovery problems whatsoever and if I hadn’t had my eyes done no one would know I’d had surgery as all the cuts were hidden so well. I was out and about the following day, albeit with sunglasses on.

Has it been worth it?

I am now 7 weeks post-op and more than happy with my results! It all looks so natural and with no tightness at all. I still have a small double chin but it’s truly so much better than it was before surgery.

I would highly recommend having surgery with Amir at Bella Vou.

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