Joanne's Story Age 44, Surrey

I felt fully confident in Amir's ability to give me the fantastic results which I have now. It's been a great experience and Bella Vou have changed my life!


See my amazing before and after transformations below!

Why did you choose Bella Vou, and Amir Nakhdjevani?

I was referred to Bella Vou after having gastric bypass surgery and managing to lose over 6 stone in weight. After shedding the excess weight and 6 months of gym sessions, it was clear that my excess skin on my upper arms and body would need removing surgically.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

My experience of body sculpting surgery with Bella Vou has been wonderful. My initial contact with Lisa Wakeman was very friendly and professional. My consultations with Amir Nakhdjevani were both professional and informative. I knew I needed skin removal surgery but I wasn’t sure what procedures could be performed. Amir was able to explain fully with examination of my body and drawing diagrams of what the surgery would entail. After my initial consultation, I had a few more questions and he happily saw me again to clarify my concerns. I felt fully confident in his ability to give me the fantastic results which I have now.

Has it been worth it, and how do you feel now?

The impact has been amazing! After the initial swelling reduced, the excess skin removal surgery has allowed me to lose another dress size which has been wonderful. I feel more confident now and people have noticed my ‘bulges’ have disappeared from my body and my upper arms look more sculpted. It’s been a great experience and Bella Vou have changed my life.

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