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Jenny’s Story

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Jenny's Story

Location: Essex
Treatment(s): Abdominoplasty & Breast Augmentation

“I felt fully confident in Amir's ability to give me the fantastic results which I have now. It's been a great experience and Bella Vou have changed my life!”

Jenny, 37, from Essex, came to us having lost 9 stone of weight, leaving her with severe excess skin. In September 2020, she had Abdominoplasty (Fleur De Lis) with Bi-Lateral Breast Augmentation surgery. Here she talks us through her experience.

After losing a lot of weight, I had lots of excess skin, which meant I still didn’t feel confident in myself. I had to wear a long T-shirt to cover my belly, and jeans were particularly hard to buy. I also have severe polycystic ovaries, which meant that my boobs never fully formed, and they got even smaller when I lost the weight and I felt out of proportion.

I had visited two other clinics but didn’t feel 100 percent confident with either of them. I didn’t get a good feeling from them, and they wouldn’t do the two surgeries at once, which was important to me because, as a mum to two children, I wanted the recovery to be all in one go.

Then my sister saw a programme with Mr Amir Nakhdjevani doing a live tummy tuck. After watching the programme myself and seeing the results and how happy people were afterwards, I found out where Amir worked and got in touch. 

After having a FaceTime call (due to lockdown) in which Amir and his colleague talked me through things so clearly, I booked to see them in person when we were allowed. I visited the clinic and met him in person, and I just knew this was the one. I wasn’t rushed, I was made to feel welcome, I was shown around and everything was explained to me really well.

I was very nervous on the day, but the staff were so lovely, especially Scott. He looked after me really well for the two nights I was in post-surgery and made me feel so at ease and comfortable. The whole team genuinely cares about you, they’re so reassuring and comforting, and it feels more like a family than a hospital.

I had a few problems afterwards with my scars healing, but nothing has ever been too much for the team. At one stage they were seeing me every week after my surgery, but not once was I made to feel bad or like I was a pain! Everyone has been so friendly and kept in contact with me.

I saw the results straight away, and the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was a bit uncomfortable and you have to be careful how you sleep, but I didn’t need to take loads of painkillers, which I had expected to!

My friend couldn’t believe how quickly I’d healed. She’d had a boob job at one of the two clinics that I visited first, and she had really bad bruising following the surgery - she couldn’t believe how little bruising I had.

This surgery has made me feel me again. After losing the weight and having so much excess skin I still felt self-conscious, but now I feel a million dollars, and better than I’ve ever felt before. It’s nice to wear jeans and a top and feel comfortable, and not to have to lug that extra skin and weight around with me. I can go into Lakeside and shop in any shop I like, not just the three or so that I could go in before. I love not having to hide my belly or my skin, but it’s taking some getting used to as I keep pulling my top down, forgetting I don’t need to. Nearly a year on, I still have to remind myself that I can wear certain things! It takes time to adjust and process things.

Now I want more surgery - I want my arms and my legs done - and I would definitely come back to Bella Vou. I also have friends who have now had surgery with Amir after seeing how well it all went for me and how well I was looked after.

I’m so happy with my experience with Bella Vou and would highly recommend them to anyone considering having any work done. 


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