Jacqui's Story Age 70, West Sussex

The whole procedure took 3 hours, and I felt so relaxed and in good hands. A week later, and I am thrilled with the outcome. I look younger but without the “Oh gosh, what have you had done?”


See my amazing before and after transformations below!

Why did you choose Bella Vou, and Amir Nakhdjevani?

My beautician recommended a couple of cosmetic surgeons to me and that’s how I came across Amir. I attended an open evening to find out more, and what encouraged me further was that I could have the procedures I was looking at under a local anaesthetic rather than needing a general.

I came to the evening with my husband and we were both impressed with what Amir had to say, the photos he showed us, and most importantly the way he answered everyone’s questions with honesty and clarity. We didn’t feel it was just a slick presentation so I decided to go ahead with a face lift, neck lift, and an upper eye lift.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

On the day of my procedure Amir took me through the pre-operative preparation carefully and unhurriedly. The operating theatre team were welcoming and friendly. The whole procedure took 3 hours, during which I was able to chat to the team and they chatted to me. I felt relaxed and in good hands.

Has it been worth it, and how do you feel now?

I had a check-up with Amir a week later, and I am thrilled with the outcome. I look younger but without the “Oh gosh, what have you had done?”.

Amir continued to monitor me with checkups after surgery. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he’s said several times “If you are worried about anything just contact me any time, including weekends”, and he absolutely means it. He’s the only surgeon I have used who has that approach.

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