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Isaac’s Story

Isaac one week after his Ear Pinning

Isaac's Story

Age: 19
Location: Kent
Treatment(s): Ear Pinning

“I am absolutely delighted with the results and the outcome of my procedure is outstanding. I have never felt better!”

Isaac before his Ear Pinning procedure Isaac, 1 week after his Ear Pinning procedure

What motivated you to consider Ear Pinning?

I have always had one ear which was more prominent and stuck out more than the other.. I have had Pinnaplasty procedures several times however none to date have been successful. It has caused me to go through a lot of traumatic, fairly painful procedures for results which have been completely disappointing and even more damaging to my confidence. When I thought all hope was lost, my mum had seen Amir about a tummy tuck, when talking to him about my experiences, he assured me that he could help me. Obviously, I was very reluctant as a lot of time, money and effort had been previously wasted. In time it starts becoming very disheartening. I had just accepted I would have to live with this insecurity.

Amir and his team were very reassuring and made me feel in the most capable hands. They picked up my spirits and It made it easy for me to feel relaxed and enabled me to put my trust in a plastic surgeon again. He is a highly qualified professional surgeon with a supportive team which were kind, caring and totally understanding of my needs.

Isaac before his Ear Pinning procedure Isaac before his Ear Pinning procedure
Isaac Isaac


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