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Gabrielle’s Story

Gabrielle one month after her Eyelid Surgery

Gabrielle's Story

Age: 53
Location: Maidstone
Treatment(s): Eyelid Surgery

“I no longer feel self-conscious when performing and finally I can wear my glitter eyeshadow! I am a very happy lady and it’s all thanks to Amir and his amazing team!”

Gabrielle before her Eyelid Surgery Gabrielle one hour after her Eyelid Surgery

What motivated you to consider Eyelid Surgery?

I have always had very heavy upper eyelids, however, over the last three years I have noticed a considerable difference (gravity has definitely taken its toll). They were so bad the skin was dropping onto my eyelashes, which made it impossible for me to wear mascara or eye shadow. I am a singer and always in the public eye, therefore, the way I am perceived and how I look is very important. My self-confidence was so low due to my eyelids, I had stopped performing, no longer wanting people to see me because of this massive insecurity.

Firstly, Bella Vou was a fairly local Clinic to me. I liked the fact the Clinic is very private and you didn't have the hassle of having to go into a hospital for a local anesthetic procedure (walk in and walk out). When speaking on the phone to the patient coordinator, Lisa, she was so welcoming and my bookings were made easy and at my convenience. When I met Amir, I instantly clicked with him, I knew he was a surgeon I could put my trust in. As Amir had pioneered procedures, I knew he would work his magic in theatre and his scar work would be good, especially as he showed me many before and after pictures of past patients, which completely put my mind at ease.

Gabrielle before her Eyelid Surgery Gabrielle one week after her Eyelid Surgery
Gabrielle before her Eyelid Surgery Gabrielle one month after her Eyelid Surgery

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