Christine, 1 week after her Concept Facelift procedure

Christine's Story

Age 58
Location Leicestershire
Treatment(s) Concept™ Facelift

I felt absolutely fine, more or less back to normal. Next week I start teaching yoga again, like nothing has happened. The team are amazing and Amir has given me the look I only dreamed of!

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

When I was attending courses in London, I would pop into Harley Street and have fillers which was fine for a while, however, I felt I needed a bit more. I wanted to grow old gracefully, but when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I didn't feel that I looked very graceful. My husband and I perform in a band and when looking at the photos of us performing, the person I felt inside didn't reflect the image I saw of myself.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

The consultant who performed my filler treatment offered facelift surgery but like a lot of surgeons I had researched, he only performed it under general anaesthetic, with bandages and drains involved. Also, he had very little experience. Surgery on your face is not something I wanted to go into lightly. When researching a facelift on Google, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani was highly ranked; his reviews and the results he had achieved were amazing.

I read about his new pioneered Concept Facelift and this made my decision final. Not only had he performed over 800 facelifts, but he could give you the same longevity as a traditional facelift without the horrendous downtime, bruising and swelling.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

The Bella Vou team were so accommodating, I had rang them several times before my procedure, panicking and worrying. They were always there to talk to me, any concerns I had were never too small. They sent me various before and after pictures of previous patients along with a link to watch The Facelift and Fillers documentary (which I must say put my mind at complete ease). The whole process was so smooth and totally stress free!

What was your experience, in surgery?

My experience in surgery was very surreal, for someone who was so nervous before, as soon as I went into theatre the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, it made me feel completely calm. The local anaesthetic was slightly uncomfortable but by no means painful, I didn't even flinch. The whole surgery went so quickly as I was chatting away with the nurse and Amir, like they were my best of friends. Apart from a little pulling, I felt no discomfort. If someone told me I would have to go through the procedure again, I would in a heartbeat, my experience was far from dreadful.

The first few days my ears were slightly sore and I did feel very tight. On day 3, I went out shopping and was driving about as normal. I have had no bruising or swelling and looked absolutely great! It has been a bit uncomfortable sleeping but nothing I hadn’t expected. 5 days after my surgery, I was on a plane as I had a conference to attend as a yoga instructor. I felt absolutely fine, more or less back to normal. Next week I start teaching yoga again, like nothing has happened.

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