Angie one day after her Concept Facelift

Angie's Story Age 48, Mallorca

The results are everything I’d hoped for and I have nothing but praise for Amir and the team at Bella Vou!

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

I spent plenty of time researching facelift procedures and I eventually opted for the Concept Facelift after reading so many fantastic reviews about Amir Nakhdjevani and Bella Vou on I felt extremely confident that I was choosing a surgeon who was a true specialist in his field and all the positive comments from so many other satisfied customers convinced me that I was making the right decision.

The Concept Facelift was particularly attractive to me, primarily because the downtime and recovery from the procedure promised to be so quick. I know that more ‘traditional’ facelift procedures can leave patients looking bruised and battered for weeks, and I didn’t want to hide away indoors for a month waiting to recover.

The results certainly didn’t disappoint; the surgery was not traumatic in the slightest and I was actually able to go shopping and dining in London the day after my procedure, which was unbelievable!

Why did you choose Bella Vou, and Amir Nakhdjevani?

Bella Vou also made my journey extremely convenient and hassle-free. I live in Spain but the team at Bella Vou were incredibly helpful – they took care of everything, from arranging a date for my procedure to organising all my transportation, travel and accommodation.

How did you find your pre-surgical experience?

I participated in my pre-consultation via video call as I live in Spain. I had a very reassuring and informative conversation with Amir which confirmed my decision. He outlined all the facts about the procedure, aftercare and costs, and answered all my questions very

When I arrived for surgery all the staff were incredibly attentive and genuinely cared about my experience. Bella Vou’s patient coordinator, Stevie Gillan, was always on hand to answer any of my questions over email, both before my procedure and during my recovery. She always responded to my questions quickly and made every effort to ensure I had all the support and information I needed.

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What was your experience, in surgery?

The experience in theatre was actually quite surreal. During the local anaesthetic I felt a little discomfort, but after that I felt no pain whatsoever during the surgery, or at any stage afterwards. Indeed, the honest truth is that I’ve had massages that were more painful than the Concept Facelift!!

Amir and his team were fantastic throughout the procedure. They talked me through the different stages of the surgery which helped me to feel relaxed and at ease, and we even had quite a laugh; Amir’s a funny guy and a good sense of humour certainly wasn’t something I was expecting from a cosmetic surgeon!

Has it been worth it, and how do you feel now?

The speed of my recovery was absolutely amazing; I had hardly any bruising or swelling and I was fully healed within a matter of days! I just used ice packs on my face in the evening after the surgery and I used arnica two weeks prior to my procedure and for a fortnight afterwards to help reduce the bruises. The results are everything I’d hoped for and I have nothing but praise for Amir and the team at Bella Vou!

How do you look now?

Take a look at my before and after photos right here. Drag the slider left and right to see my amazing transformation!

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