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Angie D’s Story

Angie 8 months after her Concept Facelift

Angie's Story

Location: Kent
Treatment(s): Concept™ Facelift

“I have to show my before photo to people to convince them of the changes, when they see it they are really amazed at the difference.”

Angie before her Concept Facelift Concept Facelift

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift?

I have always been fortunate to look younger than I am - people often guess that I am around a decade younger than my real age! Had someone said ten years ago that I would have cosmetic surgery I would have laughed at them, as I just wouldn’t have thought I’d need it.

However, a little after I turned 60, I suddenly started to show my age, which was compounded by the fact that I decided to lose a bit more weight taking me from a size 12 down to 8/10. As a result of the weight loss, the skin around my neck sagged and looked really awful. On top of that I always had quite hooded eyes and the combination was making me look old and, even worse, constantly tired.

I had previously tried anti-wrinkle injections, but as the ageing process advanced I found that they didn't help much, so I knew more drastic action was needed. Initially I looked into having blepharoplasty hoping that I might look, at the very least, less tired. It was only after I started to look into options that I then considered other surgery. I knew that I would never feel happy in myself until I did something to address the effects of ageing.

Angie before her Concept Facelift Angie 8 months after her Concept Facelift

I'm the sort of person that does a lot of research before making big decisions and cosmetic surgery is definitely a big decision, not just financially, but also because you are trusting someone to perform surgery on your face.

I went online and started to research surgeons in Kent and London. Luckily, I came across a piece on Bella Vou’s Amir Nakhdjevani; the article covered his groundbreaking Concept™ Facelift, which is carried out under local anaesthetic. This was of great interest to me as one of the things I was wary of was general anaesthetic. After a lot more research, watching the video's online showing the procedure, and reading patient stories showing the results, I knew that this was something I was really interested in.

The other thing I really liked was that the results seemed natural. I had seen a lot of facelifts online that looked very unnatural and made people look stretched, like they’d had an accident in a wind tunnel! After my research and consultation I decided that I should have my face, neck and eyes done to provide a total facial rejuvenation.

Angie before her Concept Facelift Angie 3 weeks after her Concept Facelift
Angie before her Concept Facelift Angie 3 weeks after her Concept Facelift

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