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Patient Experience Supervisor

Phoebe is Bella Vou’s Patient Experience Supervisor. She ensures that patients visiting the clinic have a five-star experience. She offers a warm welcome, provides refreshments and supports patients before and after their consultation.

Phoebe has quickly become renowned for her fabulous taste in scented candles and creating a spa-like atmosphere within the clinic walls. Outside of work, she swaps the eucalyptus for coconut and sunscreen as she’s a stickler for a good beach holiday. She also enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.

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Bella Vou changes peoples lives and I love knowing I’m a part of that. There’s nothing better than getting to know our patients' stories and seeing their confidence grow every time they enter the clinic.

The patients that I meet experience a range of different emotions, both pre and post surgery. It is my goal to create a calm and comforting environment to help them feel at ease and looked-after throughout the entire treatment or surgical journey.

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Clinical profile

Working in a client-facing capacity since the age of 15, Phoebe has built a career around excellent communication, ability to build rapport and customer experience management - all abilities that she brings to her work at Bella Vou.

Before joining Bella Vou, Phoebe worked at a high-performing hair salon as a fully qualified hairdresser where she learned to work under extreme pressure. As well as maintaining client relationships and a very busy schedule, she was lucky enough to be invited to work at London Fashion Week on multiple occasions.


Your journey starts with being well informed and there’s no better way than to have a private one-to-one consultation with a cosmetic plastic surgeon to understand what results you can expect, your expected recovery time and any complications.


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