Nicola Pinkney



Nicola, also known as Nikki is an experienced therapist dedicated to post-operative care and wellness. Nikki is trained in the Dr. Vodder method of MLD & is a member of MLD UK – Professional association of Manual lymphatic drainage practitioners which ensures a high standard of training amongst its members, requiring regular review to maintain certification & to whom has strong links within the medical profession.

She has been a holistic therapist for over 8 years & first discovered her fascination with the lymphatic system after having an operation herself. Nikki feels that MLD is a very important part of post-surgical recovery as do we, enabling the patient to heal at a faster rate, reducing downtime & the need for problematic post-op follow-up appointments.

Nikki is very passionate about her work and understanding of each patient’s needs. She will talk you through every step of your personalised treatment plan which will be prepared for you.

MLD (Manual lymphatic drainage) can be extremely beneficial to all types of surgery. MLD is a very gentle skin technique massage which stimulates & improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system which is our body’s waste disposal system. This stimulation increases the removal of waste, fluid & toxins from the body’s tissues thus improving normal healthy function.