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Lisa Wakeman


Compliance Manager

Lisa is a water baby. She loves swimming, water sports and is an enthusiastic paddle boarder.

Lisa has adopted a cat from the cat protection league. When she first joined the Wakeman family, three months ago she was stroppy and very anxious. She’s slowly being rehabilitated but is still quite a diva!

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I still remember one woman who was so flat and lifeless when she first came to the clinic. She had a very heavy set neck which destroyed her confidence. She would not look in the mirror, she couldn’t make eye contact, she would not join friends, she didn’t want to be seen.

I will never forget when she came back for her final follow-up after surgery. She had a new hairstyle, she was full of life, confidence and colour. Her husband said her life had been entirely transformed- she is now a social butterfly there’s no stopping her! That is replicated over and over again and it’s so inspiring.

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Clinical profile

Lisa provides Bella Vou with essential administrative and compliance support. She ensures that everything is running smoothly and safely. She works closely with the clinical team to make sure the clinic, staff and theatres conform with important regulations.

Born in South Africa, Lisa trained at a prestigious publishing house in Cape Town, before relocating to the UK, in 1995. She has extensive experience in marketing and education where she developed excellent administrative skills, a passion for troubleshooting and keen attention to detail. She has a lifelong interest in health and aesthetics and, before joining Bella Vou worked in a number of departments at a renowned plastic surgery hospital.

Lisa was part of the team that originally launched Bella Vou and has worked at the clinic as it has grown and developed. Lisa’s inspiration remains a patient that she recalls from her early days at Bella Vou.

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