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Clinical Operations Director

Cindy describes herself as a fidget bum! She never sits still and likes to have a go at anything. She’s climbed Snowdon and Ben Nevis, gone zip lining in Wales and toured Vietnam and China.

Outside work Cindy socialises with her friends in the Bella Vou family. An adrenaline junky, she also likes travelling, mountain hiking, zip-lining and taking on new challenges and adventures.

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At Bella Vou I love the opportunity to look after patients, be hands-on and work with a great team. Working in the operating theatre I’m learning something new every day. We’re always looking for things to improve and get better, and we all bring something unique to the table. That’s why it works so well.

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Clinical profile

Cindy is Bella Vou’s Clinical Operations Director. She provides essential help to the surgeons and support to patients in the operating theatre, during recovery and follow-up.

Before joining Bella Vou, Cindy gained 26 years-experience in health and social care. She initially worked in the community with district nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. She provided end of life care, making sure that people’s last journey was comfortable and dignified. Following this she worked at the NHS specialist Queen Victoria Hospital supporting patients undergoing day surgery, in post-operative recovery and also discharging patients following operations.

Together with Lesley, Scott, Sam and Jason, Cindy is part of Bella Vou’s expert operating theatre team. They’ve been nick-named ‘The A Team’ by cosmetic surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani because of their skills, hard-work and dedication.

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