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What makes 47 the magic age for a facelift?

Data shows 47 is the most popular age for facelift surgery, says top cosmetic surgeon.

Amir Nakhdjevani MBBS, MRCS, FRCS (Plast.) - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Amir Nakhdjevani MBBS, MRCS, FRCS (Plast.)

While many people think of facelift surgery as a procedure for old people, a top cosmetic surgeon has revealed that 47 is in fact the most popular age for the procedure.

Consultant plastic surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani of the private Bella Vou clinic in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, analysed data from hundreds of his facelift patients over the past two years to reveal the statistic.

Amir said:

We were very surprised to see that around a fifth of the facelift surgeries we have performed have been on women who were exactly 47 years old – by far the largest proportion of any age group.

Our experience shows that as women near their 50th birthday, they are far more open to graduating from non-surgical treatments to longer-lasting surgical procedures to help them look and feel younger.

There are a number of possible reasons for this trend. It’s often said that 50 is the new 40, so it is not that surprising that as people approach ‘The Big 5-0’ they turn to surgery to help
them look youthful for as long as possible.

Also women in their late 40s are more likely to be able to afford the surgery financially, while others may feel the need to look younger for work, or even to keep their partners interested. Some of the patients I’ve seen were recently divorced and wanted the procedure as a way of rebuilding their confidence.

Finally, while patients often start with non-surgical treatments like botox and fillers, by 47 women may find that these procedures aren’t giving the desired results. That’s because
while injectables can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, they can’t alter the appearance of jowls or a sagging neckline, and that’s when a facelift becomes the best option.

Amir Nakhdjevani performing Concept Facelift procedure

The Concept™ Facelift was pioneered by Amir Nakhdjevani and uses a unique technique that can be performed under local anaesthetic.

According to a recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s, patients under the age of 50 actually get the best long-term results from facelift procedures. The report used
expert analysis of follow-up photos, which showed that patients who underwent facelift surgery before age 50 had remarkable maintenance of their youthful appearance.

Amir continued:

Having a facelift at 47 will typically provide longer-lasting results, with a less dramatic initial change in the patient's appearance, than if they waited until they were in their
late 50s when there will have been further degradation of the facial tissues.

A good facelift also makes financial sense. If you’re going for botox injections every few months at £150 a time, over 10 years you can easily spend £9,000. Most facelifts are in the region of £6,000 and because they target the muscle layer of the face they address any drooping or sagging, so the results are more effective.

The latest surgical techniques also result in a very natural appearance and some, such as Mr Nakhdjevani’s unique Concept Facelift, can even be performed under local anaesthetic, avoiding the risk of complications associated with general anaesthesia.

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Last Updated: October 10, 2017

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