Labia Minora Reduction (Labiaplasty)

Labia reduction is carried out in some women who dislike the large size of their labia minora. There may be too much labia minora (inner lips) dangling beyond the labia majora (outer lips). Others may feel bulky in pants or a bathing suit to the point of not wanting to wear any revealing clothing. This may be a cause of embarrassment with a sexual partner or can cause a degree of discomfort in tight pants, during sporting activities or during sexual intercourse. Some patients are born with this (congenital) and others develop this secondary to child-birth or through the natural ageing process.

Duration 1 - 2 hours
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No
Recovery 7 - 10 days
Addresses large labia minora, uneven vaginal inner vaginal lips,

Is this right for me?

Some feel that over time their labia have enlarged and elongated causing discomfort in clothing, during sexual intercourse, or may be affected by disease of the area. Others want their labia to look a certain way and choose to have a labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons.

It's not uncommon for people's relationships to be negatively affected as a result by an enlarged or uncommonly shaped labia and it can make some patients feel very self-conscious.

In the hands of an experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon this is a safe straightforward procedure to permanently reduce the size of your labia and get you back to feeling your best. The benefits of labia reduction surgery include increased comfort during normal activities such as exercise; reduced discomfort during intercourse; reduced visibility of labia in clothing; and an enhanced aesthetic appearance of the area.

What does this involve?

During Labia reduction surgery (Labiaplasty), the excess tissue is removed to keep the size, shape and colour symmetrical and looking natural with scars hidden within the natural folds of skin, resulting in a defined and neatly shaped labia.

For most patients, the surgery takes approximately 60 to 90 mins, the scars are virtually invisible and reduction in the size of the labia not only gives comfort in clothing and during sex but it can also improve the cosmetic appearance of the labia.

Our cosmetic surgeons will listen to your concerns and needs and discuss the surgical options which best suit you.


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