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How Much Does A Labiaplasty Cost In The UK? 

If you are considering investing in labiaplasty surgery, there are lots of things to bear in mind. It’s important to research your surgeon’s skills and experience, the quality of the clinic and staff training, and ask the question: ‘How much does a labiaplasty cost in the UK?’

How much does a labiaplasty cost in the UK?

The price of labiaplasty surgery costs varies across the UK. The overall costs will depend on your surgeon, clinic, location, anaesthetic and the type of labiaplasty procedure that addresses your concerns. 

The prices can be opaque and difficult to understand in many private hospitals and clinics. There can be hidden costs that are not included in the headline price; some consultations, anaesthetist fees, aftercare, medications and follow-ups can sometimes cost extra. 

The NHS website states that:

‘In the UK, labiaplasty surgery costs about £2,000 to £4,000, plus the cost of any consultations or follow-up care that may not be included in the price.’

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is surgery to reduce the size of your inner vulval lips to make them smaller, more balanced and neatly contained within the larger, outer lips. Labiaplasty is also known as labia minora reduction surgery.

Labiaplasty surgery treats uneven or large labia minora. Enlarged, asymmetric or dangling labia can affect your sexual confidence and look unattractive in tight clothing. Labiaplasty surgery can improve your body image, self-esteem, and sex life. 

What to consider when looking at labiaplasty costs

There are things to consider when investigating the costs of labiaplasty surgery. As well as comparing the headline price, you should also check for hidden extra costs. Think about:

  • What does the labiaplasty price include? Are follow-up consultations, anaesthetist fees, medications, and complication corrections included?
  • Will labiaplasty surgery achieve your treatment goals? Look at reviews and check-out before and after pictures showing operation results.
  • Research your surgeon’s training and experience. Look for surgeons registered with prestigious aesthetics and cosmetic surgery associations, like the UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (UKAAPS.)   
  • Consider safety first: Don’t compromise your health, safety and wellbeing for a cheaper deal. For UK clinics, look at Care Quality Commission reports. Cosmetic surgery tourism may appear inexpensive can seem attractively affordable but think about how you’ll get expert follow-up and support if you develop complications

How is a labiaplasty performed?

The cosmetic surgeons perform labiaplasty under local anaesthetic. They will apply a cream to numb the labia, then carefully inject local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable and free from pain. 

Depending on your anatomy, the surgeon will either cut away any enlarged or uneven labial tissue or remove a wedge-shaped segment of your labia. They will then suture the incision using fine stitches that dissolve naturally over time. 

Your consultant will ensure the scar is in your vulva’s natural creases, so it should be discreet even without pubic hair. 

What does the cost of a labiaplasty include?

Labiaplasty costs are likely to include different things from a range of healthcare providers. At Bella Vou, there are no hidden costs. The price of labiaplasty includes:

  • Initial consultation fees
  • Pre-surgery assessments
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthesia, anaesthetist fees and operating department assistance (if needed)
  • Theatre facilities and equipment
  • Any medication needed
  • Nursing care and healthcare support before, during and after surgery
  • After-care and follow-up clinic appointments
  • Wound clinic review and dressings
  • If you have a problem or develop complications, Bella Vou will treat you without extra fees

Labiaplasty prices at Bella Vou

The price of labiaplasty depends on your surgery and the type of anaesthetic. Most labiaplasty surgery is performed under local anaesthetic to improve your recovery, reduce complications, and decrease downtime. Bella Vou offers a range of procedures to enhance the appearance of the genital area and boost your intimate health. 

  • A classic labiaplasty or labia minora reduction is £2,950.00, including all pre-care, after-care and local anaesthetic
  • Clitoral hood reduction is £2,850.00, including all pre-care, after-care and local anaesthetic
  • Labia majora reduction is £3,350.00, including all pre-care, after-care and local anaesthetic
  • Bella Vou can combine the procedures to provide bespoke genital surgery

Can you get a labiaplasty on the NHS?

Uneven and enlarged labia are normal and don’t usually cause problems, so you can rarely get a labiaplasty on the NHS. However, the NHS may offer labiaplasty if your vaginal lips are abnormal, if they are damaged by childbirth, or if there is cancerous tissue. 

Many private clinics, like Bella Vou, offer labiaplasty by highly-skilled surgeons in a calm, comfortable and stress-free environment. Waiting times are typically short, and you can achieve excellent results at an affordable, all-inclusive price.

Book a labiaplasty consultation with Bella Vou

A labiaplasty can rejuvenate your genitals and restore your body confidence. If you want advice and guidance about intimate surgery, book a free consultation at Bella Vou. The experienced aesthetic surgeons will provide professional and objective advice on whether surgery will achieve your goals. The surgeons will talk you through the procedure, the risks, and the results you can expect.

For more information about the procedure, we recommend reading our FAQs page Labiaplasty And Why It’s More Than Just Vanity.


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