Ganglion Cyst Removal and Treatment for the Hand and Fingers

Duration 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic
Hospital Stay None
Recovery 2 - 3 weeks
Addresses A rubbery lump on the hand or wrist

Ganglion Cysts grow from the linings of joints and tendons. They are cysts filled with a gelatinous fluid and usually develop on the back of the wrist or on the back of the fingers but they can occur at other sites in the hand and wrist. Adults of all ages can be affected by Ganglion Cysts.

Is this right for me?

If you have developed a rubbery lump on the hand or wrist it is most likely to be a ganglion. You should certainly seek medical advice if you are not sure about the nature of lumps or growths anywhere on your body. The lump may be something that you find uncomfortable at times particularly if you have a job which involves a lot of manual activity.

Although these cysts can disappear without treatment, if the ganglion has been present for many months it is unlikely to settle spontaneously. Ganglions and other types of lump can be removed with a small day-case operation.

What the procedure involves

Our cosmetic surgeons may recommend surgery if your symptoms are not relieved by non-surgical methods

Surgery involves removing the cyst as well as part of the involved joint capsule or tendon sheath, which is considered the root of the ganglion.

Ganglion surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, and normal activities may be resumed usually between 2 to 6 weeks after surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What causes Ganglions?
  • Will there be a scar from Ganglion Removal surgery?
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What is a Ganglion Cyst?

They can settle spontaneously but often they persist and can be painful or unsightly. Wrist ganglions are usually about 1-2cm in size and typically grow on the back of the wrist, but can also arise on the underside of the wrist near to the base of the thumb. From time to time the ganglion may change in size or fullness, perhaps related to certain activities or movements.

Ganglion Cyst in the fingers

In the fingers, ganglions may be covered only by a very thin layer of skin. These are also known as ‘mucous cysts’ and typically are less than 1cm in size. Sometimes a mucous cyst can cause a groove or a dent in the fingernail because it grows next to the root of the nail. It’s not all that uncommon for a ganglion cyst to burst and it it does, a colourless gel will begin to leak out.

Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery

Before ganglion cyst removal surgery, one of our experienced surgeons will meet with you to assess your ganglion and to be sure that surgery is the right option for you. The procedure involves cutting away the sac with a scalpel under local anaesthetic and the incision is then closed with sutures.

Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery Recovery

In almost all cases these are easily removed with awake – day case (local anaesthetic) surgery and patients can return to normal activities around 48 hours after treatment.

Ganglion Cyst Removal and Treatment for the Hand and Fingers Pricing

At Bella Vou we provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident, younger looking you at a price you can afford.

Prices start from £1,475.

Pricing & finance options

Your Consultation

Each 30 minute private consultation with one of our pioneering surgeons will leave you fully informed about your procedure or treatment and what results you can expect, along with understanding your expected recovery time and any possible complications.

Your surgeon will review your full medical history and carry out an examination to evaluate your suitability for the procedure, as well as help you set realistic expectations of the likely outcome.

Please remember that the specialist's consultation fee of £150, payable at the time of booking, will be offset against any future treatment you may have.

What our clients have said...
You would have to look closely at my finger to know that there was ever a problem
Ganglion Cyst Removal and Treatment for the Hand and Fingers
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