Facelift Hair Loss Replacement

Following face-lift surgery one can be left with several deformities such as stretched (hypertrophic) or raised (keloid) scars; pixie ear deformity; hair-loss in the scalp secondary to the facelift scar. For hair loss, there are several treatment options available.

Duration 3 - 4 hours
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No overnight stay
Recovery 1 - 2 weeks
Addresses Hair loss following facelift or other surgery that involves placing scars into the scalp

Is this right for me?

If you have suffered hair loss due to the scarring following your facelift, then this can be addressed with a number of hair treatment techniques.

What does this involve?

The treatment options can be non-surgical and involve the use of tablets, creams or PRP Injections for Hair Loss. Surgically, this would involve a hair transplant which is carried out under local anaesthetic by our hair transplant surgeons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like?

The recovery is similar to that of a regular hair transplant. However, the area required to be covered is far less compared to a standard hair transplant. Therefore the down-time will be far less.

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