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Would you go abroad for plastic surgery?

Despite being readily available in the UK, many patients continue to make the decision to go abroad for Plastic Surgery. Savvy travellers are told they can save money by travelling to countries such as Brazil, Thailand and South Africa to have procedures without sacrificing quality or safety. However, horror stories of botched surgeries, serious infections and even fatalities are frequently in the news. When looking into a cosmetic procedure, staying on home turf is by far the safest option.

Why do people go abroad for surgery?

Wanting to go to a nice warm country in the cold winter months is alluring to many people and the thought of recovering from surgery on a beach can be extremely tempting.

People travel abroad for cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons. Cost is one of them as well as combining a surgical procedure whilst recovering on vacation is also very common.

Some countries specialise in certain procedures due to the reputation it gains with so many jet setters flocking for treatment. Countries such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic attract a high number of body contouring procedures. Hair transplantation is very popular in Greece and India, while Iran tends to be well known for Rhinoplasty patients.

What are the risks involved when travelling abroad for surgery?

Travel insurance will not cover complications that arise from cosmetic surgery which can lead to very hefty costs for emergency care. It doesn’t always pay to buy cheap cosmetic surgery abroad!

There’s also a chance that you may require further post-operative intervention when you return home, although some UK surgeons do not like to be associated with this.

Overseas surgeons sometimes do not have the necessary qualifications and regulations are not in place. Not to mention Health & Safety guidelines are nowhere near as strict as in the UK.

More often than not, you are part of a conveyor belt system. You see the surgeon once before being wheeled down for surgery and then never see them again once the procedure is finished. Post-operative care is non-existent and language barriers may be present. Some patients have limited time to digest the information given to them by the surgeon or staff.

Possible results from treatment overseas

Results from treatment abroad can be serious or life threatening. It is extremely common for surgeons in the UK to deal with cases like severe bleeding, infections or nerve injuries as a result of surgery abroad. There are a high number of patients who require revision surgery for cosmetic or surgical reasons. Be aware – there may be a possibility that surgeons may not want to rectify the botched surgery when you return home.

Stay smart

The best option is to find a reputable surgeon in the UK who has all the necessary qualifications, regulations in place and provides all the pre-operative and post-operative care you require. Being on home ground also allows friends and family to be there for you, providing that extra support network.

Bella Vou go above and beyond the patient’s needs and expectations. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for post-operative patients and the girls in the office have a wealth of knowledge to help you with any questions you may have.

Amir Nakhdjevani featured on BBC One documentary 'Facelift & Fillers'

“Mr Nakhdjevani, along with his nurse, will always make you feel content and happy. The aftercare is one of our most praised attributes.”

When you arrive you are always greeted with a smile and a nice cup of tea to calm those nerves! Mr Amir Nakhdjevani listens to all of your concerns and worries and will give clear, informative advice. You then see one of our Patient Coordinators who will answer any further questions and go through the procedure process.

Surgery day is kept calm and light and the procedure is explained again along with signing of consent forms. Theatre is a relaxing place especially if you are having a local anaesthetic procedure and Mr Nakhdjevani, along with his nurse, will always make you feel content and happy. The aftercare is one of our most praised attributes. We always listen to our clients and do our very best to meet their needs.

Definitely a first class service and guaranteed to leave you with amazing results. So why are you planning on going abroad??! The best service and quality is right on your doorstep!

For more information on the treatments we offer contact one the team at Bella Vou.

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