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What is the procedure for lip augmentation surgery?

PermaLip™ is ideal for patients who have had lip filler and like the look of fuller, plump lips. This is a permanent solution where a small silicone implant is placed into the lip to give volume, definition and contour.

This is also ideal for people who have particularly thin lips to give a fuller appearance and enhance the lips. Depending on your concerns, you can have both upper and lower lips done at the same time or just upper or lower lips. This is a quick procedure that usually takes 30 minutes per lip implant.

There are various sizes of implants and this will be determined by how much volume you would need to achieve the best results for you. The procedure generally involves a consultation in which your surgeon will address your concerns. Following this, we will measure your lips to determine the overall length of the upper and the lower lip.

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How much does lip augmentation cost in the UK?

At Bella Vou, for lip augmentation with an implant, each implant, whether you have upper and lower (most people have both) will be £1,500 pounds per implant.

Young woman with big soft lips

PermaLip™ implants can increase the volume of the lips and come in a range of sizes to suit individual needs.

What are the different types of lip enhancements?

Lip enhancements that we offer at Bella Vou encompass the nonsurgical and the surgical methods. We regularly use lip filler which is non-surgical, as well as the PermaLip™ implants which are surgical. In addition to this, patients are commonly seeking surgery for a reduction in the size between the base of the nose and the lip itself and this can be achieved with a lip lift, a procedure which we also carry out on a regular basis.

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