What is the best option for me and how do different surgical methods differ?

Your surgeon will talk to you in detail about your concerns and what bothers you. You will benefit from a lip-lift if the length of your columella (the portion between the base of your nose and the upper lip) is more than 1/3 the distance from the top portion of your bottom lip to your chin.

The surgery is carried out in a number of different ways and this depends on what you are concerned with.

If you have a long columella and down turned corners of the mouth, then a central lip lift alone will not be advisable. You will probably require a corner lip lift along with the central lip lift.

You may prefer to not have a scar along the lip border and therefore would benefit from a bullhorn central lip lift rather than a seagull central lip lift.

Your surgeon will discuss the options with you in detail to ensure you have the best result possible and that your desire for the outcome is met.

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